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Astro Ivory


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Product Details
Our Astro range of voile fabrics offers a stylish solution for privacy and light control. With its sheer fabric, Astro will help to give you control over the levels of light coming into your home and give you the daytime privacy you want. The subtle colouring of Astro Ivory has a warming tone making it more cocooning than a plain white and a great choice for those keen to create a homely environment. If you’re planning to put voiles in the bedroom, we recommend you layer with another product such as lined curtains, Roman blinds or shutters.
Included as standard:
Weighted hems
Colour description:
100% Polyester
Material Style:
Textured Plain, Sheer
Heading options available:
Pencil Pleat, Double Pinch Pleat, Triple Pinch Pleat, Eyelet, Wave
Maximum available width:

We take the greatest of care to make sure that your gorgeous made-to-measure Voile curtains look and fit exactly as they should. And because we want you to be completely satisfied with your Voiles, we offer a full 12 month warranty which starts the moment your products are fitted. That’s our promise to you that you’re investing in a quality product that’s made to the highest specifications. As part of your warranty we promise to repair or replace any faulty goods free of charge.

Cleaning Tips

Voile curtains are really easy to maintain at their best. Most of our Voile fabrics can be washed in the washing machine on a cool setting of 30 degrees. Once washed, allow to dry naturally on a washing line. Do not tumble dry. Voile curtains can also be professionally dry cleaned.
For regular light cleaning, simply wipe around the edges and hem of your curtains with a lint free cloth. Do not vacuum Voile curtains as the suction may damage the lightweight fabric, causing it to pucker.

Child Safety

Voile curtains are inherently child safe. However, as with all window dressings where cords are used, you should take steps to regularly check that your curtains are safe for children. This includes making sure that any cords used to hold header pleats in place are secured at all times, especially if you adjust the header pleats after your curtains have been fitted. Never leave a length of cord exposed.
Curtain tie-backs can also pose a risk to young children when they are looped in place around your curtains. We do not recommend curtain tie-backs in homes where young children are resident or visit.


Why choose Voile curtains?

Voile curtains combine style and practicality all in one. They are a good choice for rooms that are overlooked as they obscure the view from the outside during the day while still allowing in lots of light. Regardless of the privacy benefits, lots of people love Voiles just for the way they look in the home. The lightweight, semi-sheer fabric creates a light and bright ambience that feels calming and restful. Great for wide windows and patio doors, Voile curtains allow you to open your doors and windows wide, but keep your room feeling cool.

Do Voiles provide privacy at night?

Voile curtains are designed to diffuse light but not block it out, so in the evenings your Voiles may not provide total privacy. To enhance privacy levels, if your room is overlooked for example, we recommend layering your Voile curtains over a blind that you can close when required. Or for ultimate flexibility, pair your Voiles with lined curtains for a bright daytime feel and a cosy evening finish.

Do Voiles come in blackout fabrics?

The beauty of Voile curtains is their sheer appearance, and for this reason they are not available in a blackout finish. However, if you love the look of Voiles but want the benefits of a blackout product, we recommend layering your Voile curtains over a blind in a blackout fabric. Similarly you could team your Voile curtains with standard curtains lined with a blackout fabric.

What curtain header should I choose for my Voiles?

In most cases the header style you choose for your Voile curtains is down to personal choice, but there are some instances where one curtain header may be preferable. For example, if daytime privacy is important to you, a pencil pleat header can give you extra flexibility. That’s because the gathered pleats can be pulled tighter to alter the fullness of the curtain folds. By gathering the pleats tighter together, you create a deeper fold in the curtain which naturally provides more privacy.

Are Voiles suitable for bay windows?

Yes. We offer bespoke shaped curtain tracks which are ideal for bay windows.

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