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The Influencer Calculator Tool comes courtesy of Hillarys, the interiors expert inspiring the nation with beautiful roller blinds, curtains and shutters.

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Ways to make your home more instagrammable

Top interiors influencers

Instagram is so full of influencers ranging from fitness to home. We’ve created the list below of our top 10 interior accounts.

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Most influencers don’t have the budget to make their entire home insta worthy. Lots of them choose small areas to do up, or move their ‘props’ around to make every shot look like its crammed with pretty goodies, when in reality most rooms are a bit plain.
To make your room look bigger, try taking your pics from on a chair or from the floor.Alternatively, you can invest in a wide lens which clips on to your phone and makes things look a bit bigger.
Paint is probably the cheapest way to spruce up a room - try painting the ceiling as well to give a more immersive, dramatic effect.
Beds are always tricky to photograph - it’s rare to have a room so big you can get the whole bed in the shot, so often you are only able to get the corner in.You can make the bed a bit more interesting by layering different textures and blankets on the bed.
Artificial light is rarely anyone’s friend - the best time to take pictures is in the daytime with lots of natural light. If you do have to take pictures at night, lean in to it and make it a cosy shot with lots of soft lighting and candles on.
There’s no harm in getting inspo and ideas from Instagram or Pinterest as long as you’re not copying someone’s style completely. Look at lots of accounts and pick the things you like then try to incorporate them into your own home.
You can find cheap fairy lights, photo frames, candles, fake flowers or glass jars for a fraction of the cost of other interior stores.
For cheap and quick art - buy a calendar with good imagery, cut out the pictures and then frame them. You can also do this with any books or magazines – once something’s in a frame it looks totally different.
If you have any pretty bottles of soap, drink or body lotion, once they’re empty either refill them with a cheaper version or keep them as a prop (no one will know what’s really inside).