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Umbraco Training

Hillarys x Code Umbraco Training

Welcome to your training home page

Thank you so much for your time on the training day!

We would like you to use this section of the staging site for you to continue your training and experiment with all the components that are available to you in the admin

From this landing page, you create your own page - name it your name - and then build your own set of pages using what ever content or images you want too (it doesn't have to be Hillary's related)

If you get stuck, just ask!


Also feel free to contact:

Louise Knowles

Professional Agile QA

Direct Email

Tracey Kerr

Foundation Agile QA

Direct Email

Your test pages

Create your own test/example page in the admin, in the 'Training' section, under '2019 training' and it will be shown here!

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