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Brainteaser Image: Can You Find The Engagement Ring In This Romantic Valentine’s Image?

We’ve created a new brainteaser image ahead of Valentine’s Day where users have to find the engagement ring hidden within the romantic image of a couple drinking wine, as new research has discovered that more than one in eight men are more likely to propose on Valentine’s Day compared to any other day in the year (12%).

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show how much you love those closest to you. Many Britons may even take the opportunity to take the next steps in their relationship by proposing to their partner.

Blind, curtain and shutters specialists Hillarys have created a brainteaser image, with users having to find the engagement ring that is hidden within the romantic scene, whilst also uncovering some romantic facts from Britons across the UK.

A survey was conducted alongside the brainteaser which found that one in eight men are more likely to propose on Valentine’s Day compared to any other day in the year (12%).

When asked why, respondents gave the following reasons:

They couldn’t think of a better way to propose – 54%

It is the same day as their relationship anniversary - 48%

It worked out cheaper with Valentine’s Day deals – 22%

Their partner had dropped hints ahead of the big day – 16%

They wanted it to be as romantic as possible – 12%

Flash mobs (14%), underwater aquariums (8%) and plane banners (5%) were amongst some of the more unusual things used to assist during a proposal. 

It was also found that 36% of British females in long-term relationships consider the idea of proposing to their partner during a leap year, however just 7% of those admit they might actually go as far as to follow through with it.

The current record to beat to find the engagement ring within the brainteaser image is 5 seconds.


This fun little brainteaser might be more difficult than you think! It is surprising to see how many men actually propose on Valentine’s Day as some women might find it cliché, but any proposal is sweet and romantic, as long as the person on the receiving end says yes!