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Choosing your new vinyl flooring is better with Hillarys. During your in-home appointment, a specialist will show you a wide range of samples, giving you a chance to find the perfect one for your needs and lifestyle.

Once you’ve chosen, our specialist will measure your floor and give you a quote that includes fitting – and a wonderful finish. 

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In our customers words Choosing new flooring with Hillarys

Vinyl flooring

New vinyl flooring is a beautiful and practical way to transform any room in the home. Here’s why.

Traditionally, vinyl flooring has been a favourite in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Or indeed any busy area where there’s a regular risk of spills or muddy footprints to clean up.

The reason is simple: vinyl flooring is incredibly easy to clean. You can just wipe up most marks in seconds, rather than worrying about getting a different detergent for each type of stain, as you might with carpet.

Our vinyl flooring is waterproof and sealed, so it’s as easy to care for as you’d expect. But it’s also wonderfully soft and warm underfoot. That’s because all our vinyl flooring is cushioned. And it’s this cushioned quality that makes our vinyl flooring perfect for bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms, as well as the places it’s more traditionally found.

Book an in-home appointment with one of our specialists and you’ll have a chance to find out more about vinyl flooring and to browse our wide range.