Snooze You Lose

Love hitting the snooze on your alarm?
Find out how much time you’re losing to snoozing each week, year and longer and what that means for your life.

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Snooze You Lose

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Why snoozing can be bad

False alarms

Your alarm goes off at 7am and you hit snooze... once, twice, three times. That’s an opportunity for around an extra 30 minutes of solid sleep that you’re fragmenting into poor quality rest.

Messed up

During a night’s rest, your body passes through several 90-minute sleep cycles. To feel refreshed, try to wake up at the end of one of these cycles. Hitting snooze can see you start a fresh cycle, which you might not have time to finish, leaving you groggy all day.

Out of time

Your body automatically does things to help prepare you to wind down and wake up. Keep hitting snooze and your body will stop getting ready for the night and the morning at the right times and you’ll start struggling with sleeping and waking.


How to stop snoozing

Find the right bedtime

It’s simple – count back from your wake-up time in 90-minute chunks and go to bed at the best one for you. That way you should wake at the end of a sleep cycle and won’t feel the need to snooze.

Move your alarm

Put your alarm out of reach. That way you’ll have to get out of bed to turn it off – after which you may as well get on with the day.

Let the sunshine in!

Seeing daylight – or even sensing it through closed eyes – automatically tells our bodies it’s time to wake up. That’s why sunrise-simulating alarms and opening the blinds are so good.

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This interactive tool uses information from original survey data and the following sources
www.gov.uk, www.ons.gov.uk, and www.statista.com.

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