Go to sleep with George Clarke…

According to a recent survey, 33% of people struggle to fall asleep at night with many of us tossing and turning for hours before drifting off. Not only does reading a gentle story before bed transport us back to our childhood, it also allows our brain to relax and transition into a sleeping state.

We asked the public to write an original, bedtime story to be recorded by George Clarke just in time for World Sleep Day on 17th March. After receiving nearly 100 entries, we chose Becky Johnston’s entry ‘The Land of Kindaroo’ as the perfect story to drift off to dreamland.

Here’s the audio of George Clarke reading Becky Johnston’s, The Land of Kindaroo

Becky Johnston, the 26 year old talented writer of such a beautiful bedtime story shares her own words on winning the competition…

“I thoroughly enjoyed writing the short story. It gave me a much needed escapism and I found myself getting lost within the little world I’d created. The moral of the story is something I'm passionate about; the world needs kindness more than ever. I won’t lie, when I heard George Clarke would be reading my story, both myself and my mother were elated. We love his amazing spaces series and I find his work inspiring! I feel truly honoured and blessed to have won the competition. I hope my story spreads some smiles and love.“

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