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Thermal blinds

Get cosy with our specialist thermal blinds

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Thermal blinds

  • Made-to-measure thermal fabrics
  • Stop draughts and prevent heat loss
  • Save on energy bills
  • Measuring and fitting included

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Thermal blinds and ThermaShade™ Pleated blinds

Thermal blinds blend stylish designs with specialist fabrics, giving you a finish that looks amazing and helps keep your home cosy. That’s just one reason why you’ll love Thermal blinds.

Because you’ll love saving money with Thermal blinds too. Using specialist fabrics, Thermal blinds act as an additional insulating layer at your window. This helps stop cold draughts getting inside, while preventing the room’s heat escaping outdoors. So you can keep warm using less energy – and by spending less money.

You can have a thermal lining fitted to any Roman blind in our range. Or, choose a ThermaShade Pleated blind. These innovative Pleated blinds incorporate clever honeycomb cells that actively trap heat and prevent it escaping through your window, giving you a lovely snug feel. There are no operating cords either, so look neat and are very safe, especially for homes with children. 

And with such exceptional choice, you’re sure to find a design that ticks all your boxes and keeps you warm.

Find your perfect Thermal blind during an in-home appointment

During an in-home appointment, you’ll have the very best chance of finding the perfect Thermal blinds for your window. That’s because you’ll benefit from having one of our expert advisors on hand while browsing the range.

Your expert advisor will give you style tips and practical know-how – everything you need to find the exact Thermal blinds your window is longing for. What’s more, your advisor will measure up and give you a quote to consider.  

Your choice, made-to-measure for your window

Of course, our Thermal Roman blinds and ThermaShadeTM Pleated blinds are made-to-measure. This bespoke approach offers you a finish that fits fabulously. And that’s doubly important with Thermal blinds, as having a snug fit improves insulation levels and is best for stopping draughts.

Also, our expert advisor will return to fit your Thermal blinds, guaranteeing you a tailor-made look with zero hassle.

The BBSA is the British Blind and Shutter Association research.