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You’ll love the difference a motorised garden awning or a pergola awning makes to your garden. They're easy to operate with a handy little remote, and with the addition of heating and lighting you can enjoy cosying up outside, even on chilly spring days. We take care of measuring so you get the right coverage for your outdoor area, and we install too.

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What makes our awnings and pergola awnings special

We visit you at home so we can see your space and take exact measurements.

We'll make your awning or pergola awning to fit your space so it provides just the right amount of coverage and shade.

All of our fabrics are tested to make sure they don't fade in the sunshine and will look good for years to come.

We're so confident in the quality of our awnings and pergola awnings that we fully guarantee them for five years.


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  • Hillarys get ready for summer sale up to 10% off selected awnings and free heating with selected awnings
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  • Hillarys get ready for summer sale up to 10% off selected awnings and free heating with selected awnings
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    Be sure it’s made to last

    Looking good – year in, year out. It’s what makes us tick. So we only use the best materials, chosen to stand the test of time and always guaranteed.

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    What our awnings customers say

    We ask our customers how awnings have transformed their gardens

    Sally Cullen sat on a chair in her garden under an awning
    portrait image of Sally Cullen

    Sally Cullen, Hillarys customer London

    "The installation experience was just so quick. I couldn't believe it. It’s a complicated thing to do but my Hillarys installer was so speedy and efficient."

    Mo sat on a bench under an awning in his garden
    Mo one of our Hillarys influencers who had an awning fitted to his home

    Mo Hussen, Hillarys customer Coventry

    "I’d highly recommend having an awning, it's a great feature to the garden. The quality is excellent and it’s completely transformed how we use this space."

    Give your garden a glow up

    Get your garden summer ready with 10% off selected awnings, PLUS free heating to keep you warm all year round.

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    Optional extras that make a big difference

    1. Intelligent sun sensors

      Your awning will automatically open when the sun shines, creating a shaded area.

    2. Heating

      No need for blankets! Stay comfortable in winter and into the evening.

    3. Lighting

      Enjoy your outdoor space long after the sun sets.

    Quality service from the experts

    Precision and expertise

    We'll conduct a technical survey to ensure your awning or pergola awning is well placed to provide shade.

    Everything installed for you

    We’ll install your new awning or pergola awning for you and show you how to use it.

    All guaranteed, for peace of mind

    Our awnings and pergola awnings are all fully guaranteed for five years.

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    Awnings and pergola awnings buying guide and inspiration

    Ideas on how to create an eye-catching and functional garden space

    Awnings buying guide

    Advice on the things you need to consider when choosing an awning for your outside space.

    Answers to your popular awnings questions

    We've answered common questions about Hillarys awnings below. If you can't find what you're looking for, please see our general FAQs.

    What is the difference between an awning and a pergola awning?

    Both awnings and pergola awnings are fantastic options for adding shade and style to your outdoor space. The key difference is their structure. An awning is mounted to the wall and extends outwards to provide shade over your patio space. A pergola awning is wall mounted too but with permanent posts and a retractable fabric roof, covering a much bigger space. Both awnings and pergola awnings are motorised as standard and are compatible with a Somfy smart hub so you can operate via a mobile app or simple voice command. You can choose to add optional extras like lighting and heating features to both awnings and pergola awnings.

    Can you use an awning or pergola awning when it’s windy?

    No, we would always advise against using an awning when it’s windy. As a backup, our awnings are fitted with vibration sensors as standard and pergola awnings come with the option to add wind sensors, which automatically retract the fabric when the wind picks up. However, to be safe, don't use your awning or pergola awning on a windy day, as this may damage the fabric, or the frame.

    Are awnings and pergola awnings good for rain?

    No, leaving your awning or pergola awning out in the rain won’t do the fabric any good, and over time it could even damage it. So it's always best to check the weather forecast before use. If you forget to retract your awning or pergola awning during a rain shower, make sure you leave it out to dry before closing it. This will help to prevent fabric damage and colour bleaching.

    Can patio awnings or pergola awnings be used in winter?

    We've accessories including lighting and heating which can be added to your awning or pergola awning to create a cosy area in the winter months. Please make sure you check the weather forecast as the rain, snow and wind can all cause damage. Heating and lighting are great additions for summer evenings too and will help you enjoy the al fresco lifestyle even when the temperature drops.

    How to clean awnings and pergola awnings

    The best way to keep retractable awnings and pergola awnings looking fresh for longer is to make sure they are fully retracted into their protective cassettes after every use. If your awning or pergola awning is in need of a clean, we recommend starting off with a sponge and soapy water. Special shampoo is available from the high street or online, but please read the label carefully before using it on your awning, then begin with a small, less visible area. Please don't use a pressure washer or bleach. These will quickly damage the structure of the fabric.

    Do awnings and pergola awnings add value to your home?

    Yes, both bring many benefits to a home. Retractable awnings and pergola awnings increase the desirability of your outdoor space, as they provide shade and coverage, for outdoor living. They also increase the kerb appeal of your home, which can increase the value of the property.

    Do awnings and pergola awnings need planning permission?

    For residential properties, it's very rare for retractable awnings and pergola awnings to require planning permission. Possible exceptions may be if the garden canopy encroaches on another property, or you live in a listed building or conservation area. If you're in doubt, it's best to check with your local authority before buying an awning or pergola awning.

    Is measuring and fitting included in the price?

    Yes, measuring and fitting are included as standard. Even the most competent diy-er could struggle to measure and install an awning or pergola awning, so sit back, relax, and let your local Hillarys advisor transform your outdoor space.

    What colour should I choose for my awning or pergola awning?

    There’s a really wide range of colours and materials available, you’ll be spoilt for choice! All our awnings fabrics are also available as pergola awnings and you can choose to match the fabric to your garden furniture, indoor furniture, or even the rendering or brickwork of your home. If you're unsure about colours, your local advisor can make tailored recommendations for your outdoor space. You can also take a look at our website galleries and social media channels to see how other customers have used awnings and pergola awnings in their gardens.

    How much does an awning or pergola awning cost?

    As all of our products are made to measure, we cannot give a price without seeing your outdoor space and measuring up. When you book an appointment, your advisor will do all that, plus talk you through any added accessories and fabrics you might want. They’ll then leave you with a no obligation quote.

    Are awnings and pergola awnings available in Northern Ireland?

    Our awnings and pergola awnings range is currently unavailable for customers living in Northern Ireland.