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Up to 50% off selected blinds, curtains & shutters

Great value, all measured, made & fitted for you

Stone grey shutters in cafe style in office

Why we love cafe-style shutters…

  • Choose from a range of wood stain or painted shades, including custom colours
  • Waterproof options available for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Let in plenty of daylight, even when shutters are closed
  • Choose plantation shutters with louvres or solid shutters

Visualise your home transformation

See how shutters could enhance your home

Our clever visualisation tool lends a virtual helping hand so you can see our shutters in your home before you make any final choices. Free and easy to use it lets you add shutters to any space, and experiment with different colours and styles. Simply upload a photo of your room or take a look at our sample interiors to get inspired and see what our range of shutters would like at your windows.

Sit back, relax. Let us do it all

All expertly measured

We do the measuring and advise you on the perfect solution for your window

All tailor-made for you

All our products are made to order for an exact fit

All fitted to perfection

We do the fitting, and all our products are fully guaranteed

Request an appointment See how it works

Browse shutter colours

Shutter shades to match any interior with our stunning colour options.

View shutter colours

See all shutter styles

Discover our full range of shutter styles

Tracked kitchen shutters in Extra White

Tracked shutters

View Tracked shutters
Silk white full height shutters in bedroom window

Full height shutters

View Full height shutters
Windsor Silk White tier-on-tier shutters in a living room

Tier on tier shutters

View Tier on tier shutters

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