Pure white tracked shutters on door in kitchen dining room

Door shutters

If you've dreamed of having shutters at your bifold or sliding doors, our tracked shutters are just the ticket. We'll fit them to a specially made track that lets them fold neatly out the way and keeps them in place when they're closed.

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cream tracked full height shutters on patio doors in kitchen/dining area

Why we love door shutters

They're really good for controlling light and privacy at your doors, or other large expanses of glass

They're a great insulator - reducing winter draughts and heat from the summer sun

They let you move in and out of your doors easily

They can even be used to separate rooms

They fold back nice and neatly when you want to enjoy the view or step in and out


Things to consider

They'll need a top and bottom track to be fitted to the floor and ceiling that lets the shutters slide open and closed

They open in a concertina style so you'll need space to fold them to one side of the room

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  • price promise, same service, same product, we'll match the price
  • Buy now, pay later, your advisor will explain how this works
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    See answers to our most popular door shutters questions below

    If you can't find what you're looking for, See all of our FAQs here.

    What are door shutters?

    Door shutters are fitted to a track, creating a smooth sliding mechanism that’s perfect for dressing doors, or for use as a stylish room divide. When open, the shutters concertina back neatly out of the way, giving you easy access in and out, plus great views of your outdoor space. Depending on your window specifications, our door shutters can be fitted to a top track only or to a top and bottom rail. Door shutters are also excellent for adding an extra layer of insulation to help maintain a steady temperature in your home all year round.

    How do door shutters work?

    Door shutters, also known as tracked shutters, have a top track and a bottom track that run horizontally along the opening where the shutters are installed. The tracks can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or inside a recessed area and consist of individual panels or sections that are hinged together. The number of panels depends on the width of the opening and the desired configuration. Your local advisor will talk you through the best solution, and take care of all the measuring and fitting for a wonderful finish.

    Can you have shutters at sliding doors?

    Yes, shutters can be fitted at sliding doors such as patio doors or sliding glass doors, with the track system allowing the shutters to slide horizontally open and closed. They’ll  help you control your light and privacy levels, while still allowing the light to stream in when the louvres are open. 

    Can you have shutters at Bifold doors?

    Yes, shutters can be fitted to bifold doors. Bifold doors consist of multiple panels that fold and stack against each other when opened. Our tracked door shutters can be designed to accommodate this folding and stacking motion, allowing the shutters to be neatly folded along with the doors so they won’t get in the way when you want your doors fully open.

    Can you have shutters on French doors?

    Yes. French doors are double doors mounted on hinges on either side allowing them to swing open outwards so you can enjoy plenty of fresh air and beautiful outdoor views. Each pane of glass of the French doors can have its own shutter panel. This allows for independent operation of the shutters on each door, giving you control over light and privacy as needed.

    Will doors shutters help insulate my room?

    Yes, door shutters are excellent insulators helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce draughts by providing a wooden barrier that keeps the cold out and the warmth in. We worked with the experts at Salford University to understand how our products can help prevent heat loss. The results from their specially created lab, the 'Energy House' showed that our shutters reduce heat loss by 36%. In the months of summer, shutters are great for keeping rooms cool too. Tilt the louvres closed when the sun is at its hottest to keep your space at a comfortable temperature.