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Style your window with Pleated blinds for a clean and fashionably uncluttered finish. You’ll find all sorts of lovely colours and patterns in our collection. Find exactly what you’re looking for during an in-home appointment with Hillarys.

  • Made-to-measure, fuss-free finish
  • Great choice of colours and patterns
  • Thermal, sheer and blackout fabrics
  • Measuring and fitting included

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Why you’ll love Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds and contemporary style just go – the clean, orderly design is a perfect match. And they only use a small space at a window, which is great for enhancing the sense of openness in a cramped room. When lowered, Pleated blinds with standard fabrics allow sunlight to gently filter into a room, creating a cosy effect. Meanwhile, blackout fabrics are ideal for bedrooms, where they’ll help stop the dawn sun waking you in the early morning.

What’s more, you’ll love the thermal options in the range. With a clever honeycomb fabric, these Pleated blinds are great at preventing heat escaping through your windows. So you can dial down the thermostat and save on energy bills while staying snug through winter.

Find your perfect Pleated blind during an in-home appointment

Take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect Pleated blinds for your room – book an in-home appointment with Hillarys. One of our expert advisors will come to you at a convenient time. You’ll browse the range and get tips and advice about the colour, pattern and special features that are best for your needs.

You’ll also have the opportunity to see how different fabrics look in your room and with your furniture. An in-home appointment with an expert advisor is a fantastic way to find the Pleated blind style that’s 100% right for your taste. And that’s not all. Your advisor will also measure up and give you a quote to consider.

Your choice, made-to-measure for your window

Your new Pleated blind will look like it was made especially for your window – because it was. Our made-to-measure approach means you can choose different options to customise your Pleated blind to your taste. And of course, your advisor will return to fit your made-to-measure Pleated blind, taking all the effort out of achieving a flawless finish.