What are Pleated blinds?

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 19/01/2023

All you need to know about Pleated blinds

Our made-to-measure Pleated blinds are a fantastic addition to any space, offering a versatile combination of style, functionality, and comfort. Whether you're looking to revamp your home, enhance privacy, control light, or insulate your space Pleated blinds have got you covered.

To help you understand more about how Pleated blinds work, and the right style of Pleated blind for your home, take a look at our handy buying guide where we'll answer any questions you might have.

Crush charcoal conservatory pleated side blinds

What are Pleated blinds?

Pleated blinds, also known as pleated or concertina blinds, are window coverings made from a single piece of fabric that is folded into crisp pleats. These pleats give the blinds their distinctive look, resembling an accordion or fan when raised or lowered.

With blackout and thermal properties plus shapes to fit windows of almost any size and angle, they’re a really versatile solution for every room, especially garden rooms, conservatories and living spaces with bi-fold doors. We'll tell you more about how different types of Pleated blinds can work in these spaces below.

Mustard yellow blackout Pleated blinds dressed on windows in bedroom. Light pink Voile curtains are hanging over the blinds. Matching mustard and grey cushions have been placed on the bed.

Why should I choose Pleated blinds?

They're great at minimising the natural light coming into your room - choose blackout fabrics for even more light control

They're effective insulators - Specialist ThermaShadeTM and solar reflective SolarPleat™ fabrics will help keep your room cooler in summer and warm in winter

They can fit into a Perfect Fit frame, perfect no-drill solution for uPVC windows and doors

They work really well in skylight windows and conservatory roofs, conservatories and glass extensions

They're super practical and stylish, and we've colours and patterns to suit any décor

Can Pleated blinds keep my room warmer?

Yes, our clever ThermaShade™ blinds or honeycomb Pleated blinds can reduce heat loss through your windows thanks to their innovative honeycomb cell structure.

These hexagonal cells trap the heat and stops it escaping through your windows. Thermal blinds are suitable for all rooms in the house but are particularly effective in conservatories and garden rooms, which get very cold in the winter months.

Our INTU Micro Hive Pleated blinds operate in a similar way. They are a slimline no-drill solution designed specifically for bi-fold doors, taking up as little room as possible so you don't need space at the sides or top of the doors, and they won't stop your doors from folding back neatly into their concertina shape either.

For room's that are extra chilly, team a thermal blind with curtains for a double insulating layer. The pairing not only looks great‚ but is extremely effective in reducing heat loss through your windows and doors, helping you to create a more energy efficient home.

Blue and white shaded Pleated blinds dressed on windows of living room. There is a blue sofa decorated with blue, grey and mustard cushion placed in the room.

What different fabric designs can I choose from?

There's hundreds are stylish colours, patterns and prints to choose from in our Pleated blinds range, but our favourites have to be our exclusive collection designed in collaboration with the interior experts at House Beautiful. Inspired by natural surroundings and colours‚ the collection includes linen-effects‚ seascape marbling and watercolour ombre fabrics‚ designed to create calming spaces and help benefit personal wellness. For a touch of on-trend luxe‚ we also created a selection of opulent prints inspired by dark jewel tones and geo patterns in shimmering white‚ silver‚ gold and copper. There's popular crisp white styles and textured white jacquard designs too.

Take a look at the collection
Put simply, this is a modern collection that provides a practical and stylish solution for everybody.

What different types of Pleated blinds can I have?

As well as lots of different fabrics to choose from, there's lots of different ways your Pleated blinds can be fitted. Take a look at these specialist options to see what would work best for your home.

Transition blinds
A clever combination of two Pleated fabrics within one blind for maximum flexibility

Top Down Bottom Up blinds
If you want maximum control over light and privacy, these clever blinds can be operated from the top and the bottom with a simple thumb tab

Skylight blinds
Pleated blinds can help decorate and control light from sloped windows. We have a wide range of styles and designs available to choose from

Perfect Fit blinds
Pleated blinds can be fit to a Perfect Fit frame, designed to sit inside your uPVC window frame with no need for drilling



Cate St Hill, interiors writer and stylist
There’s something for every type of window and so many different colours and patterns. I love how you can really make it your own by combining two different fabrics in a Transition blind. They're stylish and so practical too!
Cate St Hill, interiors writer and stylist
Traditional conservatory with thermal transition roof and side blinds

Can Pleated blinds keep my conservatory comfortable?

Yes, our range of Pleated blinds includes specialist thermal fabrics that help to retain the heat in colder weather, while our SolarPleat™ fabrics feature a clever coating that reflects the sunshine rather than absorbing it, helping to prevent an uncomfortable build-up of heat and keep your home cool in summer. It's best to start with the roof windows, and choose electric blinds are for areas where your blinds are hard to reach. Take a look at the video to find out more and see Architect and TV presenter George Clarke showing you how to create a comfortable‚ year-round conservatory.

Take a look at our article to learn more
George Clarke, architect and TV presenter
The special coating prevents overheating in the summer, but it also prevents heat loss.
George Clarke, architect and TV presenter

Can I have Pleated blackout blinds?

Our Lanbury range of Pleated blinds are made with a blackout fabric, helping to reduce the amount of natural light coming into your home. Pleated blinds have small holes drilled into the fabric for the operating cords, and naturally this will allow a little light seepage. For that reason they are not truly blackout. Our ThermaShade™ blinds have a layered design, so they're much more effective at creating a blackout effect for a dark and cosy setting.

Take a look at our fill range of blackout blinds and talk your local advisor who can give you lots of helpful advice at your in-home appointment

Can I get Pleated blinds in a Perfect Fit frame?

Yes, Pleated blinds can be fitted into a Perfect Fit frame - a brilliant no drill solution for uPVC window and doors. They simply clip into the window frame, and they're no cords or chains making them a fantastic option for children's rooms too.

Perfect Fit Pleated blinds are especially handy for if you've French doors in your home where all the family are often coming and going as you don’t have to open your blinds to use your doors – even at night!  They fit flush into the frame of the doors making sure you can move in and out easily and create a neat‚ understated finish that feels homely too. Of course, they'll also help with light, privacy and temperature control.

woman cleaning white pleated blinds with red cloth

How do I keep my Pleated blind clean?

It's really easy to keep your Pleated blind looking fresh. Our handy guide gives you plenty of advice on how to keep your Pleated blind in tip top condition, from choosing the right cleaning attachment for your vacuum to using the right technique for tackling tough stains. Follow along with the video to find plenty of easy ways to keep your Pleated in pristine condition all year round.

Read our helpful cleaning guide

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