Wake up with…

Are you an early riser or a morning snoozer?

6 out of 10 people hit the snooze button in the morning and this is set to increase with the clocks going back on October 29.

To help tackle those unbearable mornings, Hillarys presents the opportunity for you to better your routine with the help from our fabulous Interior Squad!

You may have heard of the ‘winter blues’, but there are a number of things you can do to help tackle the feeling of saying goodbye to summer, such as dopamine decor, light therapy and embracing the season’s transition.
We can all agree, darker mornings make it a little bit harder to get out of bed in the morning.

On average it can take around 66 days to from a habit, so why not start now?
Browse through each profile below to see which Interior Squad lifestyle you relate to the most, and try something from their morning routine!

Did you know…

“Our body’s circadian rhythm is greatly influenced by light, which signals to the body that it’s time to wake up, therefore getting up in the light is the preference but winter in the UK, and life responsibilities generally, make this near impossible for most of us.”

Hannah Berry, Life and Wellness Coach

Hannah gives her 4 top tips on what you can do to feel more motivated in the morning.

  1. Try shifting your mindset to think about all the things you could be achieving, exploring, seeing and enjoying whilst others might be pressing snooze!
  2. Have a plan! The night before, decide what you’re going to do the next morning, and then set your alarm, plan your clothes and even prep your breakfast accordingly. This removes any possible friction or excuses for not sticking to your plan.
  3. Exercise is a particularly good morning activity because it causes our body to release natural, feel-good hormones – endorphins — which can reduce stress and improve our mood.
  4. Work out what motivates you, what makes you excited and want to jump out of bed in the morning, and is going to make you more happy and fulfilled than just lying in bed would! This is your life, your time, how do you want to spend it?

Have an easy morning with Suzie

Suzie knows that waking up the kids with a burst of sunlight in the morning could be a bad idea… that’s why she gets Alexa to do it! The Roman blind in her daughter Coco’s bedroom is powered by Somfy technology, which means Suzie can gradually wake her up while sipping on a cup of tea and munching on a slice of toast in the kitchen… and without facing the wrath of a tired teenager in the morning.

Have a chilled morning with Hayley

A good morning starts with how you go to sleep. Silk pyjamas are one of Hayley’s favourite things to wear while getting some beauty sleep. Soft fabrics such as silk and satin can reverse the signs of ageing and keep your skin moisturised through the night, which is the time when your body repairs itself. Soon after Hayley wakes up, she opens her electric Romans blinds from the comfort of her bed before making a cup of tea. Then it’s time to make the bed and open the curtains to her bedroom balcony to greet the birds.

Have a focused morning with Gemma

Gemma’s morning consists of letting some light in through her faux wood Venetians in her bedroom. Followed by going downstairs and opening the bifold doors for Digby, her cocker spaniel to stretch his legs and enjoy the fresh morning air. Gemma then makes a frothy coffee to start her morning off perfectly while sitting on the window seat with Digby, before the chaos begins and she cracks on with planning her next DIY renovation project.

Have a mood boosting morning with Oliver

Oliver always starts his mornings with some circadian light therapy, adjusting from orange, to yellow and then blue. Getting enough light is really important during those darker and colder months to help you feel energised all winter long. Once Oliver is ready, he heads downstairs to greet his furry friends Zev and Herbie. He then opens the bamboo Venetians in his kitchen to let his herbs soak up the sunlight after some beauty sleep, before taking Zev his dog out for a morning stroll.

Have a bright morning with Emily

The first thing Emily does in the morning is open her bedroom blinds and step into her pink fluffy slippers. Then it’s time to get the kids up… but in true Cinderella style, she will get to enjoy her tea in her pink mug made in her pink kettle, once the job is done! Before Emily gets stuck into her day, she takes her tea to her garden to be at one with nature and have some well deserved ‘me time’ sitting underneath her pink pagoda.

Have a wholesome morning with Isa

Isa’s morning isn’t complete without a glass of lemon water to tingle her taste buds. Citrus scents such as orange and lemon are perfect in the morning to help you feel rejuvenated and awake! She then heads to the kitchen where she opens her electric Roman blind while making her breakfast - which is usually a bowl of homemade granola, a coffee. To get some morning brain training, Isa finishes off her morning routine by reading one of her favourite books before getting on with her day.