#MakeSummerAmazing: Our Top Tips

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Make the most of the long sunny days (and short bursts of rain) by having fun times with the help of our #MakeSummerAmazing guide.

On the list, you’ll find all sorts of wild and wonderful ideas for filling a minute, an hour or a whole day with smiles. No special knowledge is required – you’re just a touch of imagination and a little motivation away from making memories.

Let us know how you get on. We’d love to see and hear how you #MakeSummerAmazing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. And we will keep you posted with everything that gets ticked off our list!

Use the hashtag #MakeSummerAmazing on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to show us the fun feats you tackle from our guide.

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    The #MakeSummerAmazing list
    40 ways to have fun come rain or shine


    Catch the sun


    • Go blackberry picking
    • Join a local litter pick
    • Sing a song in your back garden
    • Find a four leaf clover
    • Dig a giant hole in the sand at a beach
    • Hold a paper airplane flying competition
    • Practise mimicking a bird call
    • Make fresh lemonade on a hot day
    • Take photographs based on the theme ‘sunshine and colour’
    • Swim in the sea and jump waves

    The simple things


    • Walk around your garden … barefoot
    • Look at the clouds until you spot something funny
    • Have a water fight
    • Spend an hour pretending to be your favourite film character
    • Climb a tree
    • Come up with an alternative ending to your favourite book
    • Play a game of chase outside … when it’s raining
    • Clear out your clutter and do a car-boot sale
    • Press flowers from your garden and give them to a loved one
    • Be buried up to your neck in sand (at the beach!)

    Explore and discover


    • Roll your trousers up and paddle in the sea
    • Catch a train to an entirely new destination
    • Remember the name of all the flowers in your garden
    • Learn to use a new word everyday
    • Take a cliff-top walk along the coastline
    • Build a dam at a local stream
    • Learn how to spot five different stars in the night sky
    • Eat a food you’ve never tasted before
    • Go camping
    • Enjoy a full-moon walk in the countryside

    Get creative


    • Visit an art gallery and make a replica of your favourite piece
    • Keep a journal of the summer
    • Go through your digital photographs and create an album
    • Learn how to count in Chinese
    • Make a kite and fly it
    • Write a poem about looking through your living-room window
    • Draw a portrait of the first person you see
    • Bake a cake … and eat it all
    • Build a den in the woods
    • Draft the first page of a movie script

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