Conservatory roof blinds


Conservatory roof blinds are an ideal solution to the age-old problem of maintaining a comfortable internal temperature through all the seasons.

In summer, sunshine will blaze through a conservatory roof; while in winter, heat rises and escapes through the same ceiling. Our specialist fabrics can help moderate these extremes, so you can enjoy your conservatory in all conditions.

SolarPleat™ fabrics use a performance coating that reflects the sun, actively preventing light from being absorbed in summer while offering an insulating layer in winter. Features such as TruePleat™ and MasterPleat™ technology ensure the pleats remain neat, smart and uniform for years to come.

Take a look at our extensive range of fabrics. You’ll find patterned designs that add a touch of character to your décor and plain styles, which are ideal if you want to let the outside views take centre stage. Mix and match with blinds for the sides of your conservatory and create a finish that suits your taste.

And with a variety of operating systems giving you fingertip control over your environment, opening and closing your conservatory roof blinds is incredibly easy.

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  • Gorgeous range, with styles to match your interior
  • Specialist finishes help reflect the sun’s heat
  • Creates an effective insulating layer in winter
  • Snug feel for getting cosy on cold days

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