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A comprehensive  made-to-measure service A comprehensive made-to-measure service

Proud to manufacture in Britain for over 40 years Proud to manufacture in Britain for over 40 years

Tailored solutions to light and heat control

Blinds for the roof of your conservatory

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Cleverly designed with your conservatory in mind

Purpose designed with conservatories in mind, our stylish range of Pleated blinds offers practical control over light, shade, temperature and privacy. They can be tailored to fit the shaped windows in the roof rather than hiding it. And they can be discreetly folded out of the way for an uninterrupted view.

Clever features such as TruePleat™ and MasterPleat™ technology ensure the pleats remain neat, smart and uniform, for years to come. Plus with over 160 different fabrics to choose from, you will be able to achieve just the look you want.

Conservatories can get uncomfortably hot in the summer with the sun shining in all day long. Keep things cool by choosing Pleated blinds with a performance fabric offering the Sun Shade Factor. To calculate this we look at how each fabric in the range responds to the sun and heat. Does it shine through, absorb or reflect it? The higher the SSF the more effective the fabric is at reflecting the heat. For conservatories we would always recommend our SolarPleat™ fabrics that benefit from a clever reflective coating to provide a higher SSF.

  • Designed specifically for conservatory roofs
  • Tailored to fit the shaped windows
  • Bespoke technology ensures a neat finish
  • Performance fabrics to regulate the temperature
  • Choice of control systems for easy operation

Pleated blinds

Ideal for a co-ordinated approach, choose matching or contrasting Pleated blinds for a sleek and stylish finish. One of our SolarPleat™ fabrics is ideal if your conservatory is south-facing.

  • Over 160 fabric options, 80 options for MotoPleat
  • Co-ordinate with the blinds in the roof
  • Available to fit in a PerfectFit frame

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Opening your conservatory roof blinds

Opening your conservatory roof blinds


Conservatory blinds are hard to reach but that doesn’t mean they are impossible to open and close. MotoPleat™, our motorised Pleated roof blinds range, cuts the task down to size thanks to a simple remote control system that can operate several blinds making life as easy as possible. We have three other options too. A simple wand that clips into a tab on the blind, a crank option that allows you to wind the blinds open and closed and a rechargeable motorised powercrank version.


Neat fitting roof blinds

Neat fitting roof blinds


It is important that blinds for the roofs of conservatories are tailored to fit it as neatly as possible. To help, we have developed J-Tech™, a secure and discreet fixing point for the binds that are custom cut to fit the conservatory perfectly.