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Living room blinds, shutters and curtains

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The living room is an important room of the home for family and friends to gather and relax that's a real reflection of your style. When it comes to choosing a window dressing, there are so many options.

Are you traditional or contemporary? Is privacy an issue? How big is your window and how much natural light does it allow in?

Blinds, curtains and shutters can all be considered.


Hillarys curtains


Our made-to-measure curtains bring a sense of luxury to a room and the fully-lined fabrics are also great at insulating if your windows are a little draughty. Bold patterns are the ideal way to make your windows the focal point, while simple plain fabrics are the perfect backdrop if your room already features a pattern. Use stripes to make your windows feel bigger than they are.

Shutters for Living Rooms


Elegant shutters are timeless, and suit all types of homes and styles. They’re perfect for shaped windows, enhancing rather than covering up this beautiful feature. For larger windows, or if you want a more contemporary feel, choose extra wide louvres. Natural wood stains are available to blend in with other wood in the room. Or choose a painted shade for a fresh look or to lighten up the overall mood.

Hillarys roman blinds

Roman blinds

The soft, fully-lined fabrics in our Roman blinds range bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a living room. With a sleek and simple design, these blinds are great if you want to create the feel of a curtain without taking up too much space around the window with fabric. For a more personal touch, finish with a beaded braid and choose a metal chain to co-ordinate with the rest of your room.

Wooden Venetians for Living Rooms

Wood Venetian blinds

Beautifully natural Wood Venetian blinds are available in a range of wood tones as well as painted shades. There is also a choice of slat sizes to create a different feel at your window. For a living room try combining a wider slat with a co-ordinating or contrasting tape. The overall effect is softer and more luxurious.

Rollers for Living Rooms

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are simple and straightforward and not often considered for living rooms. However the choice of fabric designs, especially our printed options, is really beautiful and there are a whole host of gorgeous ways to personalise the blind to suit your room. Consider a shaped bottom hem, a pole or pull or a braided bead for an extra point of interest.



Soft carpet brings a sense of luxury and comfort to this relaxing space. The Living room can be a high footfall area as it tends to be the place where we entertain guests, so a hard wearing style is needed. Durable Twist carpets are a great option that will stand the test of time in this room. They also bounce back quickly from any furniture marks if you like to rearrange your sofa and coffee table from time to time.