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Hillarys new curtains collections

Ensuring your windows look great is important to us – we are the experts in all types of window dressings after all. Our designers look for inspiration from across the globe, visiting fabric exhibitions, following catwalk styles and browsing the high street. So we know we are always one step ahead of the rest when it comes to putting together the perfect collection of curtains for your home.

The Happy Collection

The Happy Collection - go taupe-less for a happy hued home


Unleash your inner child with the Hillarys Happy Collection. The home lives of most adults are neatly ordered with a selection of carefully coordinated neutrals that are easy to live with. But we want you remember how exciting colour used to be when you were free to play with bold, primary tones. Browse our vivid fabrics, flamboyant colours and high contrast combinations, and let your imagination run wild.

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Country Retreat

Create a peaceful escape with our new and exclusive Country Retreat collection


Turn your surroundings into a Country Retreat with our new collection, designed exclusively by Victoria Robinson for Hillarys. The range is made up of Roman blinds and curtains, which can be mixed and matched throughout your home, or layered together for a luxurious effect. Nature and landscape are at the heart of the fabrics, which give a contemporary twist to a traditional theme. For more on the inspiration behind the Hillarys Country Retreat designs, visit our curtains range page.


Country -Retreat


Introducing our most luxurious curtains range

Hillarys Curtains

Packed with lavish fabrics, beautiful textures and elegant designs, Hillarys latest curtains range is sure bring style to any window in any home. Inspired by the latest trends including Floral, Ethnic, Retro and Scandinavian Chic, there are plenty of options whatever your taste.

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