International Year of Light 2015

From the moment we wake in the morning, our days are filled with light. The LED alarm clock; the lamp next to the bed; the smartphone display; the sun’s rays bursting through a bedroom window as the blinds are raised. Light is everywhere. For the next 12 months, Hillarys is supporting the UNESCO International Year of Light. Our Living Light campaign will reveal the many seemingly small and brilliantly big ways that light shines on life.


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UNESCO International Year of Light

Light is at the heart of all life on Earth. It’s the basis of many of the most innovative technologies in use today. And it will be the starting point for much of the science of the future. The UNESCO International Year of Light is a global initiative to promote light and its uses. Science, technology and engineering. Education, culture, and politics. Light has affected each of these areas. The International Year of Light aims to bring this influence into focus. A series of events is taking place across the global to showcase light and optical technologies. This includes contributions from the worlds of art, design, architecture, education, history, communication and science.


International year of light

Everything you need to know

News from the launch event

All about the opening ceremony

The International Year of Light got underway in Paris back in January. Find out what happened and what lies ahead for light in 2015. more

Winter Solstice:

The shortest day

At 11.03pm on Sunday 21 December 2014, Earth was further away from the sun than it had been all year. Find out why and what this means. more