Hillarys Blinds Country Crafts Competition

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The Hillarys Country Crafts Champion is …


All of the sewing, cutting and stuffing is over. The results are in. And the winner of the Hillarys Blinds Country Craft Competition is ... going to be revealed in just a few paragraphs’ time.

Some of the nation’s top craft bloggers took up our challenge to transform one of four 100cm x 100cm piece of blinds fabric from Hillarys recent Country Retreat into a fabulous creation. To enter our competition, they conjured all manner of imaginative designs, including bags, cuddly toys and even stuffed ‘owls’.


Fabricswatches -hub -FINAL

Judging has not been easy. There were more than 130 seriously crafty entries – and every single one of them made us look at our fab fabrics in a totally different way. Quite simply, they took our breath away.


(Drum roll) … Justpastone


Seemingly brimming with a breezy mien, the gorgeous spotted puppet by Justpastone stole our judges’ hearts and scooped the Hillarys Country Craft crown.

The winning blogger, AKA Pauline Stone, opted to craft with our Calluna Amethyst fabric and found the aubergine, gold and cream material guided her hand towards what to make.

In her blog, the professional prop maker describes how the fabric found its way on to a pile of papers that were sitting on her desk. And at the top of the heap was a design she had been meaning to make for some time – an outline that would become the winning entry.

Drawing influence from stars of the screen and stage, Pauline was inspired by Jim Henson’s work and the Harry Potter movies and put to use the skills of her job when styling her cutesy creation.

Squeezing the crafting process in between her daily demands, Pauline made use of the entire competition period and only put the finishing touches on her puppet on deadline day. 

Pauline moved home during the four-week entry period and also completed work and shoots for various television projects. The Hertfordshire-based product designer has an illustrious list of credits, including numerous BBC shows, displays at the V&A museum, and high-profile events such as the summer and winter Olympics.

As might be expected from such a creative force, Pauline says her puppet resembles an artist who has been working so hard on their piece that they haven’t noticed they are covered with more paint than is on their canvas.

The puppet’s wild hair and big, excited eyes complete the impression of an absorbing and artsy character, buzzing with joie de vivre.

Honourable mentions for …

Savvy Annie


Savvy Annie bought a vintage suitcase for just £2 and transformed it into a totally unique bedside table using our Bird Parade Teal fabric. The budget blogger wonderfully realised her ambition of creating an affordable piece of beautiful bedroom furniture by highlighting our peacock print.



 Crafting a design that is eye catching, highly practical and appealing to children is no easy task, but Sewnbyangela cracked it with her pair of colourful lunchboxes. Beneath their stunning exterior lies a function-filled centre, with an easy-clean acrylic lining, plus pockets and slots for storing cutlery and napkins.

If you’d like to see all of the entries to the Hillarys Country Crafts Competition, then head over to our Pinterest board.


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