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Create a relaxing environment with Hillarys

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We spend so much time in the bedroom, most of it asleep. Whether you prefer a four-poster or a futon, you'll want a space that is relaxing and encourages a good night's sleep.

Consider the colour of the room and exactly how much control you want over the light.

Think about the space you have available and the overall effect you want to create.

Knightsbridge shutters


Gorgeous shutters look beautiful throughout the home and are a stylish solution for bedrooms too. A great way to insulate against light and noise, they are easy to throw back allowing the room to be flooded with natural light. Shutters are available in a range of natural wood tones and painted finishes to co-ordinate with the rest of your interior décor.

Hillarys curtains


Curtains bring a luxurious feel to a bedroom, with folds of soft and fully-lined fabric to block the outside world. Whatever your style our range includes options that will blend in or stand out, just how you want them to. Choose a blackout lining to keep the sunlight out – perfect for the summer months or for sensitive sleepers.

Romans for Bedrooms

Roman blinds

A sleek alternative to curtains, Roman blinds combine the same soft, fully-lined fabrics with a simple design for an elegant feel. A blackout lining is available, the ideal way to encourage a good night’s sleep. Our range is packed with different colour options and beautiful designs to provide the perfect finishing touch for any bedroom.

Rollers for Bedrooms

Roller blinds

The simple Roller blind is a great choice for the bedroom. Sheer fabrics provide a modern alternative to net curtains, keeping out prying eyes during the day. Blackout fabrics are perfect for keeping out the light and creating just the right environment for a good night’s sleep. Personalise with beaded braids, polls, pulls and a shaped bottom hem for added interest.



Luxurious carpet has a sumptuous look which is perfectly suited to this relaxing retreat. In a space where you often walk around barefoot, only the softest style will do. The deep pile of Saxony carpets is unrivaled when it comes to providing a rich, dense and velvet-like texture which is wonderful to sink your feet into. Because they are made from man-made fibres Saxony carpets are beautifully stain resistant too, which is ideal if you happen to spill your morning cup of tea!