Roman blinds owners advised to 'go twilight'

21 December 2010 | Be the first to leave a comment |

Roman blinds owners advised to 'go twilight'Twilight decor has been promoted to roman blinds owners and other DIY enthusiasts seeking to festively decorate their home.

According to Candice Holznagel, a columnist for the Caloundra Journal, this style of decor is becoming increasingly used by interior designers.

"One combination and style proving popular is twilight. Think icy blues, crisp whites, silver and a touch of lilac," she said.

Ms Holznagel went on to advise roman blinds owners on how to achieve this effect by furnishing their Christmas tree with silver beads and ornaments.

She also recommended using a "few unique" touches of blue and claimed that the only thing holding back creativity is a lack of imagination.

Her comments were echoed by interior designer Jane Leslie, who told the Post-Tribune that it is important for those applying seasonal decor to be creative and "think outside the box".

Ms Holznagel also stated that decorators are increasingly moving away from traditional colour schemes.

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