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Hillarys shutter styles

  • cafe style
  • tier on tier
  • tracked
  • shaped

Our stunning shutters range will fit virtually any window. A variety of styles are available, including tier-on-tier, solid, tracked and café style shutters. Discover more about all of the beautiful options available below.


Tier on Tier shutters


Offering the ultimate control over light and privacy the top and bottom half of this style of shutter open and close independently of each other. So you can throw open the top half to let the light flood in while maintaining your privacy with the lower half closed.

  • Extremely versatile
  • Provides excellent privacy
  • Great for light control

Best for bedrooms


Full Height shutters

Full height shutters

These shutters cover your entire window for a striking finish and maximum privacy.

They can be adapted to suit your requirements' allowing louvres in the top of the shutter to open independently of the bottom, and the panels to fold back exactly how you want them to.

  • Traditional style shutter
  • Customise to suit your requirements
  • Perfect control over light and privacy

Best for any room in the home


Café Style

Cafe style shutters

Add a continental touch to your home with shutters that cover the bottom half of your windows only. This style of shutter is not only the very height of chic but is a great way of letting the light in while keeping prying eyes out.

  • Chic styling
  • Allows plenty of light in
  • Ensures privacy when closed

Best for rooms that are overlooked


Tracked Shutters


A brilliant solution for doors and extra wide windows, and a great way to provide additional durability for frequently used areas. Tracked shutters can also be used to divide or open up a room space.

  • A durable option for frequently use areas
  • Allows for multiple folding shutter panels
  • Use to divide a large room

Best for busy doorways, patio doors and large expanses of glass




Angled, arched, hexagonal, round, bay or sash. We can tailor make virtually any style and shape of shutter to suit your needs.

  • The perfect way to enhance a feature window
  • Versatile enough to fit most window shapes
  • Custom-made to fit any shape perfectly

Best for arched windows


Solid Shutters


Perfect for cutting the light out completely and providing total privacy' solid shutters are also great for insulating draughty windows and dividing rooms.

  • Great insulation
  • Provides excellent privacy
  • Use to divide a room

Best for draughty windows in character properties