Faso cornflower blue eyelet curtains paired with white shutters in living room

How to pair shutters with curtains

by Victoria Walker

Product Manager

Published: 13/12/2018

Updated: 11/04/2023

Discover all the benefits of pairing plantation shutters and curtains for maximum style and performance

Dare to pair shutters with curtains and you’ll create a luxurious look at your windows. Here we show you the benefits of layering window dressings for maximum style and performance, and provide expert advice on choosing the right plantation shutters and curtains for your home.

Contrast textures for a boutique look

The great thing about pairing shutters with made to measure curtains is the contrast in textures it brings to your windows.

The sleek lines of wooden shutters work in harmony with the soft folds of curtain fabric, helping to create a boutique vibe in your home.


Shutters and curtains for a tranquil haven

Combining plantation shutters with curtains has a number of benefits no matter what room you’re in – increased privacy, energy efficiency, great looks and more. But make this pairing in the bedroom and you’ll also enjoy a better night’s sleep. Shutters can help minimise the amount of unwanted noise coming through your windows so are a great choice if your window overlooks a street or busy road. We’ve chosen a sheer white Voile curtain to complement the striking custom colour shutters in this bedroom, creating a relaxed and romantic feel.


The ultimate pairing for energy efficiency

Both shutters and curtains are excellent at preventing draughts and keeping the heat in the room with you.

Doubling up at the window will stop unwanted chills in their tracks and allow you to maintain a cosy temperature all year round.

We even offer thermal curtains, which are great if you have large or single-glazed windows.


So much choice for your shutters

Once you’ve decided the layered look is for you, it’s time to choose your shutters. We’ve a wide range of styles on offer including tier-on-tier, café-style, full-height, tracked, solid panels and shapes.

You’ll also be able to accessorise your new shutters with a choice of tilt rods, door knobs and hinges and select from a range of colours. Your advisor will take you through all the options during your home appointment.

When it comes to installing your plantation shutters, your local advisor will take care of everything for you right through from measuring up to fitting the final product.


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