How to match curtains and blinds

by Victoria Robinson

Product Manager

Published: 08/03/2019

Updated: 16/01/2024

Read our top tips for choosing curtains and blind fabrics that work beautifully together.

Pairing curtains with blinds is a really easy way to mix and match colours, textures and patterns and create a gorgeous focal point for any room. It’s also great for layering practical solutions with more stylish ones, so the finished result not only looks stunning, but works hard too. Read out handy guide to discover how to get the best results from pairing blinds and curtains.

Anika Grey floor length pinch pleat curtains paired with voile roman blinds in bedroom

Function and style

Layering window dressings is great if you’re looking to solve a problem such as light levels, privacy or temperature control.

This wide window lets in plenty of light, so we've chosen a sheer Voile Roman blind to help diffuse some glare while maintaining day time privacy. Sheer curtains would work too!

Pairing sheer window treatments with lined curtains softens the space and makes it cosy at night. Choosing a blackout lining will help reduce the amount light creeping it to create a darker environment for sleeping, plus add an extra insulating layer at your window to keep your room at a comfortable temperature. 

boheme teal floor length kitchen curtains paired with blanca taupe roller blind

Practical solutions

Large areas like kitchen diners often have multiple windows and doors.

Windows in a kitchen area may need to be more practical to withstand heat and steam, while dining spaces might call for softness and style.

Here, we've opted for a wipeable Roller blind by the sink, It's a really practical choice thanks to the moisture resistant finish. We've also introduced a vibrant teal with blackout curtains at the door. They not only add a fun pop of colour to the room, but will help with light control plus lock in the heat and stop any draughts from the doors over winter.

Velvet teal roman blind under white and green patterned curtains in a dark, modern dining room

Play with pattern

Pattern is a great way to add interest to your décor. When matching plains and patterns, select a colour from your patterned blind or curtains and use a similar or related colour for your matching plain fabric.

Here, a Roman blind in Darcia Velvet Teal is the perfect background for curtains in Loxly Emerald. Velvet is up there with some of the cosiest of fabrics, making it a great choice for your windows. The thick, heavy nature of this luxurious material not only blocks out light but makes it perfect for insulation too.


Create synergy with a single shade

By using the same colour scheme throughout a room you unify your décor, creating a harmonious and balanced space.

In this living area, we’ve taken inspiration from the neutral shade of the walls and picked a silver hue for the curtains and blinds.

The silver shade reflects the light, making the room feel open and breezy while textured cushions and throws keep things cosy when you need it. It's not just about making things look good; it's about creating a vibe that feels just right.

wolfe smoulder curtains on window with wooden blinds

All the trimmings

Here we've layered Faux Wood blinds in a charcoal shade with curtains Wolfe Smoulder from our Abigail Ahern collection for a cosy, cocooning effect.

With the curtains open, the Faux Wood blinds let in plenty of light while keeping the room private.

For a dramatic finishing look, we've chosen cushions in matching patterns to the curtains. All our curtain fabrics are available as cushion covers and we offer a range of cushion sizes and edging options to complement the fabric at you window.

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