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Tell me about Venetian blinds

There's so much more to straightforward Venetian blinds than you might first think. With endless colour options and a variety of fabulous finishes, not to mention slat widths to suit your window size and aspect, the world really is your oyster.

Make it simple and discrete or bold and impactful. Hillarys blinds are versatile enough to blend effortlessly into the rest of your room, or they can add a splash of colour to a neutral décor scheme.

And if you’d like the best of both worlds, our Aluwood blinds combine the practicality of metal Venetians with the natural good looks of Wood Venetians.

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  • Countless colours to choose from
  • Four slat widths to create different effects
  • Aluwood combines the look of wood with the practicality of metal
  • Available in PerfectFit frames that require no drilling
  • Choose a PerfectFit frame for a cordless option

Room usage:
- Living Room
- Bedroom
- Dining Room
- Kitchen
- Bathroom
- Conservatory
- Roof

Wipe clean using a clean dry cloth

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Use the cord to raise and lower the blind and the wand to tilt slats

There’s a colour for every design scheme

From subtle neutrals and simple whites to bold vibrant tones and statement shades, our Venetian blinds range includes all the colours you could ever need. There's a variety of finishes too, including matt, soft sheen gloss and metallics. We even offer Aluwood blinds which combine the versatility of metal Venetians with the elegance of wood.

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Tab and perfect fit blinds

Tab and perfect fit blinds

Perfect fit venetian

For a no drill option, consider Venetian blinds in a PerfectFit frame. These simply click into place between the glazing and beading of uPVC windows.

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A choice of slat widths

A choice of slat widths


Each of our four slat widths - from a narrow 15mm option to a jumbo 50mm version - create distinct effects, working with the available space and light in very different ways. The wider the slat the bigger the view and greater the amount of light that can enter a room.