French doors style ideas

by Rachel Binks

Style Specialist

Published: 25/10/2016

Updated: 29/09/2023

Let us show you how to dress your French doors with blinds, curtains and shutters

4 easy ways to dress French doors

French doors create a lovely focal point in your home. Letting in lots of lovely natural light, they're mounted on hinges on either side allowing them to swing open outwards so you can enjoy plenty of fresh air and beautiful outdoor views. When it comes to choosing window treatments for your French doors, there are a few things you'll need to consider to really make the most of these features. We’re here with plenty of solutions that’ll give you practical benefits as well as stylish results. Let's get into it.

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Best for family spaces

Roller blinds are a stylish and practical choice for French doors. 

Available in a range of gorgeous styles and performance fabrics, including moisture-resistant and blackout options, Roller blinds are sleek and streamlined giving you flexible control over light.

Plus you get the added benefit of being able to roll them neatly away when you want to fully open your doors.


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Best for uPVC French doors

If your French doors are in regular use, you should consider Perfect Fit blinds. These are a no drill solution for uPVC doors. They simply clip into place in your window frame and the blind sits neatly within this frame.

The great advantage of Perfect Fit blinds is that they become an integral part of the door, allowing you to open and close your door easily and have easy access and out.

Roller, Pleated and metal Venetian blinds can all be fitted into a Perfect Fit frame.


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Best for versatility

If your French doors are overlooked by neighbouring properties, Vertical blinds will allow light in but keep prying eyes out of your home. They’re available in extra wide widths so are suitable for large expanses of glass and can even be fitted to sloping windows.

With a choice of contemporary prints and performance fabrics, including blackout, moisture-resistant and Teflon coated PVC, Vertical blinds are ideal for French doors in any space.


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Best for cosiness

Fully-lined curtains are a lovely option for providing a snug and cosy atmosphere and preventing any draughts.

If you’ve limited space to hang curtains either side of a door, try having a single, wider curtain that pulls completely to one side. It’ll create clear access to the outdoors during the day, and when closed give you a wall of warmth at night.

Curtains are also a great blackout solution if your French doors are letting in too much light.


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Best light filtering fabrics

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Best all rounder

Shutters are another great choice for your doors. Door shutters use specially made tracks, allowing you to fold them back neatly and compactly when not in use.

A stylish and practical solution, they’re perfect for light and privacy control. Open your shutters during the day to extend the space outside, and close them at night for privacy and a secure feel.

With excellent insulating properties, they'll help to maintain a steady temperature in your home all year round too.


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