Our craft workshop hits the road

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The Hillarys crafternoon hit the road with special blogger events in four cities across the country in February and March, 2015.

Clocking up more than 900 miles, our team got crafty with bloggers at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, the Jazz Cafe in Newcastle and the Butterfly and Pig in Glasgow.

With help from the pros at Crafty Hen, the 81 bloggers at the events had a fantastic time crafting (and chatting).

First, the bloggers were given a chance to make a journal cover. Everyone picked a fabric from our made-to-measure blinds range and then got crafty. There were some seriously creative types at each event – so the journal covers were fabulous.

Eileen, from etspeaksfromhome.co.uk, said: “My son is delighted with his book cover and wanted me to make more covers for him!”

This simple, but stunning, design was the perfect warm-up for the next activity.

Involving cutting, stitching and stuffing, crafting a soft-toy bird marked an obvious step-up in class for the bloggers.

But the tougher task proved a doddle. In next to no time, the crafters had confidently cut out the shapes from their chosen fabrics, pinned the pieces together, sewed the seams, turned the designs right-side out and stuffed the birds.

The results were fantastic.

Erica, from 92three30.com, said: “H [her son] was impressed by my achievements when I got home and my bird has joined his soft toy collection. Although it’s not a bird, apparently it’s a Pokémon.”     

By the end of each crafternoon, all the bloggers had learnt to make two new things and had enjoyed finding out more about our made-to-measure blinds collections.

Claire, from www.evans-crittens.com, perfectly summed up the events: “I really loved all the fresh designs and would love these throughout the house. It was a lovely Sunday crafternoon with lots of chatter, laughter, creativity and biscuits.”


Julie, from Crafty Hen, shows the bloggers how to make one of the designs.


Even threading a needle required the utmost concentration.

But the end result was worth the effort and attention.


The soft-toy bird was a considerable step-up in skill.

Halfway there, but still much to do.


Despite the difficulty, all the bloggers were quick to get to grips with the challenge. 


Cut, stitched and pinned. Just one step left for this blogger.


Concentrate, stitch, repeat.

The birds looked incredible.


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