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Manosque Green


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Product Details
The mix of tranquil green shades in the Manosque Green awning are just the right choice to connect with elements found naturally outdoors. Creating a relaxed vibe in your outdoor space, this easy-to-please green makes a perfect backdrop, allowing you to enjoy some peace and serenity, especially when you combine this awning with contrasting natural woods and elegant metals bringing an industrial twist to your garden, terrace or patio for an ambiance that's both modern and authentic. Don't be afraid to go bold and add a dash of colour here and a splash of texture there to take your outdoor space from dull to dazzling - try brightly patterned pots and ceramic side tables to boost a patio's light and bright vibe.
Included as standard:
Professional Measuring & Fitting, Vibration wind sensor, Motorised Operation, Aluminium powder coated components, High quality zinc plated steel springs & cables, Choice of White or Anthracite Grey coloured frames, Solution Dyed Acrylic Material, 'Cleangard' Treated Material
Solar Transmission:
Solar Reflectance:
Solar Absorption:
Light Transmission:
UV Protection:
Colour description:
Hunting Green
Material Style:
100% Acrylic
Available Awnings Types:
Verona, Roma, Monaco
Minimum available width:
Maximum available width:
Projection Options:
150cm, 200cm, 250cm, 300cm, 350cm

Our awnings are built to last, which is why we offer an additional five year peace of mind guarantee on top of our standard 12-month warranty. Starting the from moment your awning is installed, our guarantee means that for a nominal call out fee, we promise to repair or replace any faults in your awning.

Cleaning Tips

Our fabrics undergo a specialist ‘Cleanguard’ treatment, which helps the fabric resist dirt, eliminating the need for regular cleaning. It should also be noted that your awning should only be open in good weather conditions, reducing the chances of it becoming dirty. However, should you need to, you can use a soft bristled brush to loosen and remove any dirt, and any stubborn marks can be spot cleaned with a small amount of soapy water. Please do not attempt to clean your awning unless it is safe for you to do so.

Child Safety

Our awnings are all motorised as standard, and are operated via remote control. This means they are inherently child safe and do not require any additional safety devices.


How much does an awning cost?

As all of our products are made to measure, we cannot give a price without seeing your outdoor space and measuring up. When you book an appointment, your advisor will do all that, plus talk you through any added accessories and fabrics you might want. They’ll then leave you with a no obligation quote.

Can I have an awning installed onto a conservatory or sun room?

Yes. If there is no brick wall available to fix the awning to, we would usually opt to install your awning on a free standing frame instead. Your installer will conduct a technical survey before installation, so they can talk you through how it works.

Can I have an awning on my bungalow?

Yes, it is possible to install an awning on a single storey building such as a bungalow. Your awning will be installed using specialist spreader plates to fix it to the wall. Your installer will conduct a technical survey before installation, so they can talk you through how it works.

Will you need to move guttering and pipework to fit the awning?

No, we can use specialist parts to fit around obstacles such as drain pipes or uneven walls.

What do the vibration sensors do?

The vibration sensors will detect when it becomes too windy, and will automatically retract your awning. This keeps it safe from any damage caused by strong winds.

What does a sun sensor do?

A sun sensor will detect when the sun is shining and will automatically open out your awning to provide shade. This is really helpful during the summer, and ensures you always have a cool spot to sit outside.

Will the installation require drilling into any walls or rewiring?

As our awnings are all motorised, they will need some drilling to ensure they have access to a power source. Your installer will drill a small hole through your wall so that the power lead can be popped inside and plugged into a socket in your home. Your installer can answer any specific questions about installation.

Sit back, relax.
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All expertly measured
We do the measuring and advise you on the perfect solution for your window
All tailor-made for you
All our products are made to order for an exact fit
All fitted to perfection
We do the fitting, and all our products are fully guaranteed

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