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Voile Roman blinds

Included as standard:
Professional Measuring & Fitting
Colour description:
Textured Plain
100% Polyester
Material Style:
Recycled Material:
Minimum available width:
Maximum available width:

We take the greatest of care to make sure that your gorgeous made-to-measure Voile Roman blinds look and fit exactly as they should. And because we want you to be completely satisfied with your Voiles, we offer a full 12-month warranty which starts the moment your products are fitted. That’s our promise to you that you’re investing in a quality product that’s made to the highest specifications. As part of your warranty we promise to repair or replace any faulty goods free of charge.

Cleaning Tips

Voile Roman blinds are really easy to maintain at their best. Voile Roman blinds can also be professionally dry cleaned. Stains can be spot treated with a clean, damp cloth or a specialist stain remover. Do not machine wash your Roman blinds – many of our fabrics are dry clean only. For regular light cleaning, simply wipe around the edges and hem of your Voile Roman blind with a lint free cloth. Do not vacuum Voile Roman blinds as the suction may damage the lightweight fabric, causing it to pucker.

Child Safety

All Hillarys products conform to European safety legislation. When you buy a Voile Roman bind, your Hillarys fitter will also install a discreet little cleat or hook for the cord to wrap around, so there are no loose cords. These are fitted at a minimum height of 1.5m above the floor. Having a safety device is a legal requirement even in homes without children. If you move home and leave your blinds you have an obligation to make sure they are legally safe.


Why choose a Voile Roman blind?

Voile Roman blinds combine style and practicality all in one.  A great choice for rooms that are overlooked, they obscure the view from outside during the day while still allowing plenty of light to filter through. As well as privacy benefits, Voile Roman blinds provide a beautiful look in the home with the lightweight, semi-sheer fabric creating an airy and bright ambience that feels calming and restful.

Do Voiles provide privacy at night?

Voile Roman blinds are designed to diffuse light but not block it out completely, so in the evenings your Voile Roman blinds may not provide total privacy. To enhance privacy levels, if your room is overlooked for example, we recommend layering your Voile Roman blinds with other products such as lined curtains for a bright daytime feel and a cosy evening finish.

Do Voiles come in blackout fabrics?

The beauty of Voile Roman blinds is their sheer appearance, and for this reason they are not available in a blackout finish. However, if you love the look of Voiles Roman blinds but want the benefits of a blackout product, we recommend layering your Voile Roman blinds with some lined curtains.

Are Voiles Roman blinds suitable for bay windows?

Yes. Voile Roman blinds are a stylish and practical choice for bay windows. They provide day time privacy without taking away from the beauty of a bay window frame.

Can I have a Voile Roman blind in my bathroom?

Voile Roman blinds are a perfect choice for downstairs cloakrooms and en-suite bathrooms. They can also be used in large, well-ventilated bathrooms but are best avoided in small, heavily used or very steamy bathrooms. Spaces like this would be more suited to a specialist water resistant blind, such as PVC, Vertical blinds or Faux Wooden Venetian blinds.

Can Voile Roman blinds be motorised?

Our Voile Roman blinds are not available as a motorised product.

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