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Browse our awning fabrics

Our specialist awnings fabrics are available in plain or striped patterns.

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63 options
  • Dark grey coloured swatch fabric
  • Light grey styled fabric swatch
  • Beige and green stripes of baden baden swatch
  • Fabric swatch with repeating brown and white stripes
    Boston Brown
  • Fabric swatch with repeating grey and white stripes
    Boston Grey
  • Plain blue colour of Chardon swatch
  • brown and beige colour of chicago beige fabric swatch
    Chicago Beige
  • Chicago blue fabric swatch in light and dark blue
    Chicago Blue
  • green striped swatch of chicago green
    Chicago Green
  • Chine flanelle fabric swatch has a dark grey colour
    Chine Flanelle
  • light grey of chine souris fabric swatch
    Chine Souris
  • Light brown coloured striped material of craft beige
    Craft Beige

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