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VELUX® blinds

Original VELUX® blinds for VELUX® windows. Explore our gorgeous collection of fabrics today.

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VELUX® blinds

  • Genuine VELUX® blinds
  • Designed to fit VELUX®windows perfectly
  • Controls for hard-to-reach windows
  • Measuring and fitting included

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Find your perfect VELUX® blind Our range of genuine VELUX® blinds includes colours and patterns you'll love

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Call us today on 0800 916 6524

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If you're happy to take care of the measuring and fitting yourself and you don't need the specialist advice our team offers, visit our sister site for a great range to buy online.

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Why you’ll love VELUX® blinds

It almost goes without saying that VELUX® blinds are especially made for VELUX® windows. So with a little guidance from one of our advisors, you’re sure to get the perfect look and fit.

VELUX® blinds come in colours and patterns that will go wonderfully with your walls and furnishings. If you’re choosing for a bedroom, then go for a blackout option. These special fabrics are great at blocking out sunlight. With blackout VELUX® blinds at your window, you’ll no longer find the dawn sun disturbing your sleep in the early morning. And of course, all VELUX® blinds give you superb control over light levels. The easy-to-adjust design gives you a quick way to instantly change the mood in a room.

Find your perfect VELUX® blinds during an in-home appointment

Choosing the ideal VELUX® blinds for your VELUX® window is easy. Just book an in-home appointment with Hillarys. and you'll see samples from the entire range to make the perfect choice for your room.

Your choice, made-to-measure for your window

Everything we do is made-to-measure, from our service to our VELUX® blinds. That’s why you’ll love it when our advisor returns to fit your new VELUX® blinds – it’s the hassle-free way to a tailor-made finish.