Your Connexoon Somfy smart hub

What does a Smart Hub do?

The Somfy Hub is an additional accessory allowing you to link Somfy electric blinds to a mobile app via one-way communication.

The Hub connects information from the blind, to WiFi, to the mobile device allowing you to control your blinds via your phone whether you're at home or anywhere else in the world

The Hub also lets you to set timers and voice controls via Alexa or Google Home devices.

What will the Smart Hub allow me to do?

Your Hub allows you to control your blinds from anywhere in the world as long the WiFi in your home is connected and the Hub is enabled. You can set up timers and scenes to control different Smart home devices.

Why doesn’t Hillarys offer an installation service for the Smart Hub?

Hillarys will install and programme the blinds to work with the remote control only. The Smart Hub requires you to set-up an online account using an email address and password. In line with privacy policies, your personal details and mobile device should not be used by anyone else.

Technical Advice

Do I need a remote if I plan to use a mobile and the Somfy Hub?

Yes, a remote is required to program the Hub. You’ll also need a remote as a backup in case you experience internet connection issues.

What do I need to make my blinds operate with a mobile or voice controls?

You will need a purchase a Somfy Hub along with your Somfy electric blinds. You will need a strong internet connection across the house.

Please ensure you have the following before purchasing a Hub:


  • WiFi Ethernet socket available to connect the Hub cables
  • Email address
  • Android or iOS device (download app)
  • Android 5. iOS 12 (iPhones 5s, 6, 6S, SE (version 2016), 7, 8, X, Xs, 11, SE (version 2020) and later). iPad iOS 10.
What if I do not have a spare Ethernet port in my WiFi router?

You can purchase a splitter or Ethernet adapter to allow you more than one device into the router.

How do I set timers for my electric blinds?

The 'scenarios' or timer function lets you set your blinds to automatically open and close even when you're away from home. Find out how to set scenarios here.

Or watch our helpful video here

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I’ve set timers but they are not operating the blinds

Open the app and go to the timers screen. Make sure the switch in the centre of the screen is green.

If this isn’t green, click it to activate.

If I have previously purchased electric blinds from Hillarys, can I make them ‘smart’ using a mobile or voice activation?

Hillarys sell a range of different products that have an electric option, but only the Somfy electric blinds can be sold with a Hub.

The Somfy Hub is an accessory which allows the blinds to connect to a mobile or voice activation.

Voice assistants

How do I pair my electric blinds with my voice assistant?

Follow our handy step-by-step guide on how to pair your electric blinds to Google and Alexa devices.

Are Hillarys electric blinds compatible with Alexa and other voice assistants?

Both Google Home and Alexa are compatible with a Somfy hub.

Are Hillarys electric blinds compatible with Apple home kit?

Unfortunately, our electric blinds are not compatible with Apple home kit at this time.

My voice assistant is not operating my blinds

Check that your device has an internet connection by asking the below commands:

  • Google Home –'Hey Google, are you connected to the internet?' 
  • Alexa – 'Alexa, how are you feeling?'


If you don’t have an internet connection Alexa should answer with ‘I’m having trouble understanding right now’ and the light ring will turn red.

If your device is not connected to the internet it’s likely your internet is down, so contact your internet provider.

If your device is connected to the internet, make sure you’re using the correct command to operate the blinds. Test this, by seeing if you can open all blinds in a single room by stating the relevant command:   

  • 'Hey Google, open the kitchen.'
  • 'Alex, open the living room.'

Advice about the Somfy app

How do I download the Somfy app?

Our smart guide will take you through easy to follow steps on how to download the Somfy app to your mobile device.

How do I pair my blinds with the Somfy app?

View our step-by-step guide to help you pair your electric blinds to the Somfy app. Or watch this helpful video

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How do I use the Somfy app?

The Somfy app is simple to understand and operate. Our smart guide will show you how to use it. Or watch this helpful video

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My blinds are no longer operating via the app

You need to check that the Somfy Hub is online by looking at the small LED on the left-hand side of the smart hub.

Each LED light indicates a different situation:

  • Red LED – issue with the internet connection. Reboot the Somfy Hub by turning it off then back on. If this doesn’t help, contact your internet provider
  • Green LED – the system is online. Check your device is connected to the internet and try again.
  • Amber LED – system update is in progress. Wait 10 minutes then try again. A message will be displayed in the app if an update is taking place


Downloading the Smart app

Pairing your blinds with the app

Understanding the app


What happens to my personal information?

Your personal information is protected by EU legislation. Your details will never be disclosed to third parties without your approval first.

Do you offer a guarantee on my Hub?

Yes, we offer a full 12 month warranty which covers repairs or replacements to any faulty blinds.