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Abigail Ahern sat in a living room with a dog, plants and curtains patterned with black and gold geometric design

by Abigail Ahern

Hillarys Ambassador

Published: 09/10/2020

Black and white styled Abigail Ahern roman blinds with a zig zag pattern fitted to rectangular windows in a study with blue walls

I always love connecting with my followers and sharing my home décor tips and tricks with you, so it was a joy to host a live Q&A with Hillarys earlier this month and answer your questions live on my Instagram stories.

From how to decorate for a warm and cosy vibe, to advice on colour and accessorising I spent the day answering anything and everything about styling your home.

It was a challenge, but super exciting to spend the day with you all on my Instagram in real time. Thank you to all those who kept the questions coming. Here are a few of my favourites from the day.

Ask Abigail

Discover what happened when Britain’s top tastemaker joined Hillarys for an exclusive live Instagram Q&A.

Do you have any clever solutions for making shutters blackout? Can I add curtains on top?
Totally you can, the more layers, the cooler it will look.

In my bedroom, the bed is placed in front of the window. Should I choose blinds or curtains that cover the entire wall?
I’m tempted with blinds; I feel it might look cleaner.

The rooms in my apartment have different colours of paint. How can I bring them all together?
You can link through accessories to tie the colours in, so rugs, vases, cushions etc.

How can I achieve impact in a new build with small windows, low ceilings and no features?
Easy – lots of decorative accessories, lovely curtains at the window, ornate lamps, pendants, little sculptures, botanicals and rugs.

"I have a black sofa and walls, what colour blinds should I choose?"

I designed a really beautiful collection of 16 textural curtains and Roman blinds in collaboration with Hillarys. You have so many choices from Cadillac Noir, Garrett Cloak, Morton Tar, and Cley Mole.

Here, a Beats Haze Roman blind with Colette fringing in Soleil is teamed with Cley Mole curtains for an uber cool, layered look.

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I live in a Victorian terrace house with a window in the front room – how can I secure privacy during the day?
You could put up sheers which will soften the light and give you privacy.

What’s the best way to decorate a rental property that you can’t paint?
I would add darker accent colours to give you a really cool vibe. Textiles, curtains, little black tables – it will look super edgy!

What colours go with navy in a new open plan kitchen, lounge diner that match with the Abigail Ahern style?
Caramels are lovely or go for yellows, greens or deep pinks. All look beautiful against navy.

"I was wondering how you would make blinds look beautiful? Much needed sunlight!"

Blinds can look super beautiful if you make them as textural as possible and embellish them with fringing.

The collection I designed with Hillarys does just that with six custom fringe trims which can be used to embellish Roman blinds and cushion covers. It’s all about the killer details.

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What is the best way to make a small office room seem larger?
Mirrors are a game changer!

I don’t understand what layering means!
Layering is how you arrange things. Break your room down into lots of different zones and then add little vignettes or pieces to add intrigue. Take each zone at a time and add accessories or lamps or art to create beautiful layers.

"What colour curtains do I put with my dark navy walls and couches?"

Harkness Gasoline is lovely. You could also try Amis Buff or Askaro Mink too. Pairing neutral tones with the intense hue of navy brings a little edge and makes a quiet, but powerful style statement.

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Should I choose curtains or blinds, or both?
It’s so personal in bedrooms I always have both, and on landings I always have blinds.

Can you get that cosy feel but with lighter wall/colour schemes?
Totally, just remember to overdose on texture and mix up materials rough with smooth, shiny with dull, fluffy with silk!

I have a really tiny, narrow hallway. How could I decorate it to look warming and welcome?
Super easy – a rug or runner on the floor is a must. A pendant ideally hanging from the ceiling and a mirror or art. Done!

Is it possible to mix old and new in a new build?
Mixing is the cleverest thing you can do, just make sure you reduce your palette then you can literally mix anything with anything.

Where do you find your inspiration?
So many places, travel, books, walks in the forest, the web.

Discover Abigail’s inspiration behind her darkly glamourous collection and more tips for how to get the look.

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