Healing homes

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 08/03/2022

Updated: 26/10/2023

Create your soothing space with these relaxed and timeless looks

It’s not surprising that this trend is showing real longevity post pandemic, as spending more time at home highlighted that we deserve nothing less than a secure and comfortable environment to support our wellness. It's all about creating restful and restorative spaces that are a pleasure to live, work and play in.

Let us help you find your happy place with blinds, curtains and shutters that promote better sleep, the raw simplicity of natural materials, cosy textures and a soothing palette of calming neutrals.

Cosy corners

Find a peaceful area in your home and create a cosy sanctuary where you can relax.

A textured Roman blind helps harness a calming atmosphere in this yoga room, and a therapeutic colour palette finishes the look creating a place to focus on happiness and self-care.

For a coordinated finish, choose cushions in the same fabric or one that colour matches your window dressing to create a finish that subtly flows through your whole room.


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Serene sheers

Exposure to daylight can improve your wellbeing, increase your connection to nature and help to calm your surroundings. Voile curtains are perfect for achieving just that.

Made from delicate, sheer fabrics, they're a contemporary alternative to net curtains, providing privacy and gently filtering light. Your advisor can fit a double track system if you'd like to pair them with curtains for a cosy finish.


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Isa Chadborn, Interiors influencer
I'm all about being calm so all the colours I've chosen throughout my home are very calming. I love when I walk through my front door, it doesn't matter what kind of day I've had, I'll always feel relaxed as soon as I step inside.
Isa Chadborn, Interiors influencer

Olive tones

Neutrals are so easy to live with, and this season’s warmer tones are particularly cosy and calming. Combine nude tones with soft cream and rich biscuit to add depth. Make sure you get the right lighting too. You can easily achieve a soft glow with lanterns or fairy lights strung about the place. It will make everything feel nice and cosy.

The beautiful olive stripe of our Duke Olive Roman blind matches the colour of these landing walls perfectly . Whether you're looking for a peaceful reading corner or an elegant space to welcome guests, the earthy charm of this fabric is a calming addition to this space.


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Green with envy


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Plants create a more recuperative space - they have great physical benefits, helping to remove toxins and reduce stress.

Find your calm

Natural elements such as wood help create a calming interior space, imitating the soothing feel we get when we connect with nature.

Our Calm Living collection embraces natural and eco-friendly materials like brushed cotton and recycled fabrics while cocooning textures bring a cosy, snug feel and gentle sheens create a sense of space and make the most of the natural light.

There's Faux Wood options too. They're a practical and moisture resistant option, ideal for a relaxing bathroom retreat.


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