Maud steel floor length eyelet curtains in dark themed bedroom

What are eyelet curtains?

Hillarys content executive and author, Chloé Jones

by Chloé Jones

Window Solutions and Styling Expert

Published: 09/12/2022

Updated: 16/01/2024

A simple design with soft, flowing folds.

Choosing made-to-measure curtains is all about being able to tailor the design to your taste by choosing from all sorts of styling touches. Among the most important decisions is which of our three header types to go for (that’s how the fabric attaches to the pole). Eyelet curtains are one of the options.

Modern and contemporary eyelet curtains will make a dramatic feature of your window thanks to the deep folds of fabric, which run in uniform lines from top to bottom. An eyelet curtain will always hang from a curtain pole, which is threaded through metal curtain rings.

Eyelet Curtains

What are eyelet curtains?

'Eyelet’ refers to the header of the curtain. They are a contemporary choice, designed with metal rings on a header.

The rings thread onto a 28mm curtain pole. Eyelet curtains hang in soft uniform folds that look neat and tidy, whether they're open or closed.

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Flow Glacier curtains opened in a lounge window

Why should I choose eyelet curtains?

  • Provide minimalist, contemporary looks
  • Available in a wide choice of colours and fabrics
  • Performance linings such as thermal and blackout help block unwanted natural light and keep you warm
  • Look just as stylish whether they are open or closed
  • Easy to adjust thanks to the smooth eyelet rings
  • Do not require as much fabric as other headings, so bold prints look dramatic
  • No need for any additional curtain hooks.
Wood Venetian Mirage Faux Wood Charcoal Blinds paired with Wolfe Smoulder Curtains in a bedroom with a bed on the left side

Can eyelet curtains reduce heat loss?

Windows are responsible for up to 20% of a home's heat loss but our curtains can help to reduce this and keep your home warmer. In fact, we recently worked with the experts at Salford University to understand just how much our products can help prevent heat loss. The results from their specially created lab, the 'Energy House', showed that lined curtains reduce heat loss by 14%.

All our curtains are lined as standard, but for rooms that really feel the cold a thermal lining will add an extra layer of cosiness. For even more warmth, pair thermal linings with naturally thicker curtain fabrics like velvet.

Layering your eyelet curtains over a blind will create an even snugglier space, plus give you additional flexibility over light control.

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Can I have blackout linings for an eyelet curtain?

Yes, instead of a standard lining you can opt for a blackout lining for your eyelet curtains. This will help to reduce light coming into your room, although there will be inevitably be a little light seepage around the edges of the curtains and through the eyelets.

Teaming your curtains with a Roman blind with a blackout or some beautiful  shutters will help minimise the light further, creating a dark environment to wind down for sleep.

eyelet curtains in oriel sepia in modern rustic bedroom setting

Is an eyelet header good for small windows?

Yes, eyelet curtains fold neatly when they’re fully open, so they’re ideal if you’ve got a limited amount of wall space either side of your windows.

If you want to make your windows feel taller and grander than they really are, your local advisor can fit your curtain pole as close to your ceiling as possible, and extend your curtain pole past your window. Floor to ceiling length curtains will further help to trick the eye and add a sense of luxury.

Your local advisor will give you expert advice at your in-home appointment.

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How do I hang my eyelet curtains?

You don’t need to worry about hanging your curtains, as your expert local advisor will do all the measuring and fitting for you, including fitting your curtain pole if you choose one.

They will give you all the advice you need about choosing the right curtain pole at your in-home appointment.

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What are the alternatives to eyelet curtains?

  • impression marine pencil pleat curtain header on silver curtain pole

    Pencil pleat curtains

    A traditional heading which gathers the fabric for a luxurious look

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  • light green curtain with darker green leaf pattern header on a silver curtain pole

    Pinch pleat curtains

    A decorative heading with pleats sewn in for a tailored finish

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  • dusk teal wave curtains header

    Wave curtains

    Wave curtains are ideal for creating a relaxed and easy finish at your window.

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