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What are pencil pleat curtains

Pencil-like pleats, with flowing fabric folds

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 09/12/2022

Updated: 10/03/2023

What are pencil pleat curtains?

The term ‘pencil pleat’ refers to the header of the curtain. Folds of fabric are tightly gathered to create a semi-cylindrical heading that resembles a line of pencils, hence pencil pleat curtain!

From the close pleats of the header, the fabric tumbles freely to the floor. You can choose to hang pencil pleat curtains from either curtain poles or curtain tracks, and they come in two depths to suit different scale rooms.


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Why should I choose pencil pleat curtains?

  • Most popular header style thanks to its casual, informal looks
  • Suits all décors and tastes
  • Available in two different depths for different scale rooms and windows
  • Choose to hang them from a curtain pole or a curtain track depending on your personal preferences
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Can pencil pleat curtains reduce heat loss?

Windows are responsible for up to 18% of a home's heat loss. Our heat-retaining curtains and blinds can help to reduce this and help keep your home warmer.

All our pencil pleat made to measure curtains are lined as standard, or you can choose a thermal lining for added cosiness. Adding a made-to-measure blind that fits snugly at your windows will further help to stop heat escaping through your windows.


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Can I have blackout linings for my pencil pleat curtains?

Yes, you can opt for a blackout lining for your pencil pleat curtains. This will not only help to reduce the amount of light filtering into your home, but will also help to keep things warm and cosy.

In this cosy living room we have chosen floor to ceiling length Zaha Forest curtains from our Margo Selby collection. The graphic designs and bold colours look stunning whether the curtains are open or closed, and the long length of curtains with a blackout lining helps to reduce the heat loss from the large windows.


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Two pairs of soho boucle spice pinch pleat curtains in bay window in living room

How do I hang my pencil pleat curtains?

You don’t need to worry about hanging your curtains, as your local advisor will do all the measuring and fitting for you, including fitting your curtain pole or track if you choose one from us.

They will give you expert advice about choosing the right curtain pole or track at your in-home appointment.


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What are the alternatives to pencil pleat curtains?

Explore our other curtain header types and find the right style for you.

  • dusk teal wave curtains header

    Wave curtains

    Wave curtains are ideal for creating a relaxed and easy finish at your window.

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  • Clarence off white eyelet curtains

    Eyelet curtains

    A contemporary heading that provides large, even curtain pleats

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  • light green curtain with darker green leaf pattern header on a silver curtain pole

    Pinch pleat curtains

    A decorative heading with pleats sewn in for a tailored finish

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