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How to get stronger style with a striped carpet

Creating a stronger style in your home can be as simple as choosing a striped carpet.

Plain carpets are the norm, while all too many patterned designs evoke memories of dingy pubs or dated B&Bs. But a striped carpet will add instant interest to your room – in a way that’s totally timeless.

Here’s how you can pick the striped carpet that boosts your interior.

Should you pick stripes that stand out or fit in?

Having a striped carpet will always give your décor something more. The question is how much more do you want?

Go for stripes that coordinate with your colour scheme and you’ll create a look that’s as smart as any suit and tie combination … and every bit as classic. Light stripes and soft neutral walls are ideal for hallways, where the bright tones will help make the space feel inviting.

Deviate from such joined up thinking and you’ll find yourself tiptoeing into serious style territory. Try light walls with a dark striped carpet or vice versa. The effect is dramatic.

Why stripes are good for your room’s waistband

Every fashion follower knows that stripes can make you look taller… or wider. Well, striped carpets can have an effect on the dimensions of your room.

Having your stripes running length ways will make your room feel longer; stripes running width ways will make your room feel narrower.

Made for each other: striped carpets and staircases

You’ll have seen it on the TV and in the magazines. Now you’re seeing it on this website. A striped carpet on a staircase works wonderfully.

Vertical stripes lend themselves to staircases. The pattern will appear to lengthen your stairs, making even more of what is already an important feature of your home.

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