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Achieving maximum darkness with blackout blinds and curtains

by Victoria Robinson

Product Manager

Published: 01/02/2021

Updated: 17/04/2023

We've got blackout fabrics and linings to help you create a restful environment for a sound nights' sleep

Let's show you how to achieve total darkness in your bedroom with made-to-measure blackout blinds and curtainsWhatever you choose needs to suit your style and décor and your lifestyle.

Read our helpful guide and find out just what the perfect blackout solution is for your home.

How to control light with blackout fabrics

One of the simplest and smartest blackout choices is a Roller blind in a blackout fabric. Blackout Roller blinds are available in a wide range of designs to suit every age and taste. What’s more, they can fit almost any size window, so are a great way to instantly transform and update your scheme. Choose from a fantastic range of plain, striped and patterned fabrics for a simply stylish look.  

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How to achieve enhanced light control in uPVC windows

For optimum performance fit your Roller blind into a Perfect Fit frame. This simply clips into your uPVC window frame and your blind becomes an integral part of your window. The blind is operated by a tab and the neat fit means that light levels are effectively controlled, especially at the sides of the window where light can sometimes leak through. There are no operating cords or chains with a Perfect Fit blind, so it’s also a great choice for a child’s room or nursery.

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How to control unwanted light with blackout linings

For a sophisticated bedroom scheme, choose a Roman blind in a fabric that complements your bed linens and accessories. A Roman blind beautifully combines a curtain fabric with the convenience and neat finish of a blind. All our Roman blinds come fully lined as standard, but for bedrooms we recommend upgrading to a blackout lining to ensure maximum control over unwanted light. You'll keep warm with the extra thermal properties a blackout product has too!


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How to control light and create a luxurious look

For full-on gorgeousness, choose curtains for your interior scheme. All our curtain fabrics are available with optional blackout linings for extra control over sunlight. Curtains are particularly good for windows without a recess, or for bay windows where you want a continuous flow around the curve. Choose floor-length curtains for full-on glamour, or, if your window is situated above a radiator or behind a bed, select a length just below the window sill for a neat finish. 

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How to use layering to create a dark and cosy space

Our Roman blinds are designed to complement our curtains range, and layering curtains over a Roman blind not only looks great, but can also be extremely effective in blocking out light completely. Once you’ve achieved total darkness at your window, check your room for any electrical items that may emit light as you sleep, and switch them off where possible.

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How to combine temperature and light control

Just as a blanket adds an extra layer of cosiness, layering your window coverings can give you real flexibility and add a modern twist to your décor. For example, if your room is chilly, choose curtains with a blackout lining and combine them with shutters for an extra insulating layer that will also help block out the light. 

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How to control unwanted light and noise

If you’re a light sleeper and are easily disturbed by light and sounds in and around the home, it pays to invest in a window covering that not only blocks out the light, but also reduces the effects of noise pollution outside. Wooden shutters are the most effective window covering when it comes to blocking out both light and noise. Fit plantation shutters, or solid wooden shutters in addition to double glazing, and you’ll create a really effective barrier that just happens to look fantastic.

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