How to choose bathroom flooring

Helen Moore by Helen Moore

Choosing the right type of flooring is really important. Options that may be perfect for other rooms in your home just won’t stand up to the moist and steamy environment that is characteristic of bathrooms. Here are our top tips to help you arrive at the ideal choice.

Things to consider:

Vinyl flooring is perfect for bathrooms
Not only is it waterproof and super-easy to clean, but it also has a soft, cushioned backing which makes it beautifully comfortable and wonderfully warm underfoot.

Vinyl flooring is really versatile and there are lots of stylish designs to suit every type of décor. If you want a real wood effect without the worry of your flooring warping, you can easily recreate the look with vinyl flooring. Or if you prefer a tiled finish, there’s a wide range of vinyl designs that are really authentic.