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patio space with Verona Hardelot Beige awning

Awnings buyers guide

Top tips for choosing a garden awning

by Chloé Jones

Window Solutions and Styling Expert

Published: 12/02/2021

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing rules of our lockdown lifestyle, the outdoors has become our safe haven for catching up with loved ones. So, with our gardens as the go-to space for gathering, now’s the time to get yours ready for this year’s socially distanced soirees. Read our expert advice on the things you need to consider when buying an awning and find out more about the options available to help you enjoy comfortable, fuss-free outdoor entertaining. 

Grey awning overlooking patio furniture

1. Make sure your awning will provide adequate shade

It sounds obvious, but getting the size of your awning just right can be more difficult than you think. Because the sun moves position throughout the day, you need to make sure that your awning is large enough to provide shade at all times.

That’s why our awnings specialists carry out a full technical survey to ensure that once fitted, your awning will be positioned perfectly. 

2. Choose a treated fabric to withstand variable weather conditions

Our awnings are sturdy and build to last with premium materials. Water resistant awning fabrics undergo rigorous testing and are specially treated to help prevent fading and weathering.

Mo Hussen - Hillarys customer and popular interior design enthusiast. Follow Mo on Instagram @mo.and.the.jungle.shelf
With our new awning, outside feels like more than just a patio. It gives that pub garden feel so as well as a garden I’ve got that entertaining space. I’m already thinking about the parties I'm going to be hosting.
Mo Hussen - Hillarys customer and popular interior design enthusiast. Follow Mo on Instagram @mo.and.the.jungle.shelf

3. Think about how you use your outside space

Most of our customers tell us that they want to extend their entertaining space into the garden so they can enjoy al fresco dining at all times of the day.

In which case we recommend adding integrated lighting and heating to your awning so you can eat out comfortably as much as possible.

For ease and convenience we also recommend a motorised control, so you can operate your awning simply with the touch of a button.

Landscape image of awning

4. Invest in intelligent weather technology

Integrated accessories are optional but they do have practical benefits. Intelligent sun sensors ensure your awning is in place –  it will automatically open when the sun shines and provide a shaded, area on bright sunny days. 

And if the wind starts to pick up, a clever vibration sensor, fitted as standard, means your awning will automatically retract, protecting it from damage and prolonging its life.

Mo Hussen - Hillarys customer and popular interior design enthusiast. Follow Mo on Instagram @mo.and.the.jungle.shelf
I went for the wind sensors feature, they detect when there is wind and the awning shuts itself so you don't have to get the remote and do it yourself.
Mo Hussen - Hillarys customer and popular interior design enthusiast. Follow Mo on Instagram @mo.and.the.jungle.shelf

5. Choose a design you can live with

Lots of people now see their garden as an extension of their home and choose furniture, planting schemes and hard landscaping that complements the style of their interior décor.

Our awnings are available in a range of plain and striped fabrics to suit all styles and tastes. You can even select the shape of your hem.

Choose a straight hem for a contemporary tailored look or opt for a scalloped hem for a more traditional street cafe feel. 

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