Hillarys ireland customer using remote control for renzo navy electric roman blinds

5 reasons to choose electric blinds

Hillarys content executive and author, Chloé Jones

by Chloé Jones

Window Solutions and Styling Expert

Published: 10/08/2022

Updated: 01/02/2023

Discover all the benefits of electric blinds

For effortless control at your fingertips, choose our innovative electric blinds.

Available with our Roller, Roman, Day & Night, Wood and Faux Wood and Pleated roof products, our motorised technology lets you operate your blinds with the simple remote control.

Discover how electric blinds can not only transform the look and feel of your home, but your lifestyle too, with clever voice activation and timer options for the ultimate in comfort and convenience.


1. An effortless solution

Lots of our customers tell us it’s the freedom and convenience that they love most about electric blinds.

With our handy motorised control system you can open and close all your electric blinds at once with just the touch of a button. They’re a super helpful solution if your windows are in awkward places like behind furniture, or high up out of reach in a conservatory or at a bay window, and are perfectly suited for customers with mobility issues.

Mark, Hillarys local advisor
We’ll show you how to use the system, so you feel totally confident operating your new electric blinds with the remote control.
Mark, Hillarys local advisor

2. Enjoy the freedom of smart

For even greater flexibility to control the light, privacy and security in your home choose to make your electric blinds smart.

Compatible with your mobile phone, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can now control all the blinds in your home via a mobile app or voice command.

Integrate with your other devices such as lights and heating to create your perfect smart home environment.

Evan, Hillarys customer
When I want some privacy, I can just tell my smart assistant to close the blinds and it’s done! It’s as easy as that.
Evan, Hillarys customer
Hayden Graphite electric roller blinds

3. Perfect for families

A bustling family home certainly comes with its challenges, and if you have young children or pets you’ll know that they are not always the perfect partners for blinds with operating chains!

Electric blinds offer a great child-friendly solution. With the motor hidden inside the headrail of the blind and wirelessly connected to an remote control or your smart device, everything is neat and tidy, and there’s no operating chains to worry about.

Martina, Hillarys customer
Having electric blinds is really convenient. You don’t have to lean over the kitchen counters to adjust the blinds. They’re so handy.
Martina, Hillarys customer
Somfy Smart hub

4. Boost your home security with timers

Pairing your electric blinds to a Somfy hub lets you control your blinds with ease whether you’re at home, or travelling abroad. It’s an additional accessory that links your blinds to a smart home device, as well as your remote control.

With the Somfy hub, you’ll benefit from the 'scenarios' or timer function, a clever tool that lets you set your blinds to automatically open and close at different times of day.

Programming your blinds to lower at night will stop your home looking empty when you’re away.

John, Hillarys local advisor
Close your blinds during the hours of harshest sun to help prevent your furnishings from bleaching.
John, Hillarys local advisor
Karma Spring roller blind in a bedroom window

5. Master your sleep routine

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to fall asleep in a room that’s not quite dark, or being jolted awake by your noisy alarm clock. 

Electric blinds provide excellent coverage across the whole of your window so less light leaks in through the sides. When it’s time to wake up, setting your electric blinds to gradually open in the morning will let you rise slowly and naturally.

Ben, Hillarys local advisor
Choose a blackout lining to minimise light levels even further for a restful setting.
Ben, Hillarys local advisor

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