How to clean Roller blinds

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 30/10/2020

Updated: 27/03/2023

Find out the easiest and fastest way to clean your Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a really practical choice for high usage areas like kitchens or bathrooms, especially if you choose a wipe-clean performance fabric, which is specially designed for these spaces.

With the right care and maintenance you can keep your Roller blind looking as good as the day it was fitted. Let's talk you through it.


Our handy cleaning guide covers:

- How to clean Roller blinds regularly with a vacuum to avoid dust build up

- How to use a damp, clean cloth to tackle stains quickly

- How to remove tough stains using a specialist fabric stain remover

- How to clean the mechanical components of your Roller blind

Watch our step-by-step guide

Our handy guide gives you plenty of advice, from choosing the right cleaning attachment to using the right technique.

woman vacuuming white roller blind

1. Cleaning with a vacuum

You can easily incorporate cleaning your Roller blind into your usual vacuuming routine. Start by rolling it down to the closed position then use your vacuum's upholstery brush attachment to gently remove dust and dirt.

This is a small, flathead brush with a row of short bristles, great for cleaning fabric surfaces like blinds as well as mattresses, and sofas.

wiping clean roller blinds

2. Or, use a clean, damp cloth

For a deeper clean, take a clean, damp (not wet) cloth and wipe your blind in a downward motion from top to bottom.

Use around a tablespoon of soap and about a litre of water, mixing together until the water turns sudsy. We don’t recommend using harsh chemicals or bleach as these can discolour your blind fabric. Submerge a dishtowel or sponge in the water and wring it out before wiping the blind.

Remember to leave the blind down to fully air dry before pulling it back up. This will help to prevent mould build up

woman cleaning roller blind

3. Removing mould

If you find mould does start to form on your blind due to condensation at your windows, there are a number are methods you can use to remove it.

Gently brush mould patches with a stiff brush or spot treat with a specialist fabric detergent.

Leaving the blind to air dry after cleaning can help to prevent further outbreaks or smells from forming.

4. Removing stubborn stains

For stubborn stains, try using a specialist fabric stain removal product. Makes sure to closely follow the manufacturer instructions.

This is an effective cleaning method, but it’s wise to note that once cleaned, the treated area may look significantly lighter than the rest of the blind. It’s good practise to test a small, inconspicuous area of your blind fabric first if in doubt.

5. Cleaning the mechanism

The mechanical components of your Roller blind like the sidewinding mechanism need a little TLC too.

A silicone spray will help keep the operating chain squeaky clean and remove any resistance or stiffness. Remember to follow the manufacturer instructions and be careful not to spray onto the fabric to avoid discolouration.

If your Roller blind is operated with a plastic chain or cord, you can keep it clean using warm soapy water. However, if they are steel or brass, avoid using water as it can cause the material to rust or decay. Instead, simply use a soft dry cloth.

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