How to style nursery and children's bedroom blinds and curtains

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 05/03/2020

Updated: 27/03/2024

We've got stylish solutions to help your little one get a great night's sleep

A child’s bedroom is a space where you can be really creative, playing with colour, texture and pattern for a stimulating, cosy space that your little ones will love.

When it comes to choosing window dressings for your child’s nursery or bedroom think style, sleep and safety. Of course you want gorgeous blinds and curtains, but you also want to know that your child is sleeping in a safe and comfortable environment.

Popular interiors blogger Alicia Murphy (@emeraldterrace) has joined forces with Yvonne our senior product manager, to talk you through the latest interior trends for children’s spaces.

1. Pick a theme

A themed nursery can provide you with lots of inspiration for your décor and accessories, making it easy to create a coherent scheme that’s full of interesting objects for your child to explore.

Layering your window dressings gives you added flexibility too. In this light and airy bedroom, we’ve chosen a Roman blind with a blackout lining to create the  environment for little ones to easily drift off, paired with Voile curtains to add to the soft feel of the space, and provide privacy during the day.


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Alicia Murphy, interiors blogger
It's easy to get swept up in adorable nursery themes but remember your child will be using this space for years to come. Opt for a timeless theme that's still fun and youthful but can be easily updated for a toddler and young child.
Alicia Murphy, interiors blogger

2. Pick a colour

If you can’t decide on the best colour for your blinds, why not combine complementary colours for a fun scheme?

These Pleated blinds are a lovely option for a child’s rooms, creating a warm glow at the window. What’s more, they’re available in blackout and thermal fabrics, so your child can take a nap at any time of the day in a dark and cosy environment.

Pleated blinds can be operated with a simple tab so there are no loose cords or chains to tempt little fingers. 

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3. Soothing shades

If you choose your child's curtains in calming shades like these patterned curtains in green, ivory and orange, it may help create a more restful environment and encourage your little one to drift off to sleep.

All our curtains are lined as standard, or you can upgrade to blackout linings or thermal linings to further help with cosiness and bedtime routines.


Don't forget about yourself! This is a space where you'll spend a lot of time, so incorporate a comfy spot for feeding, reading, or simply relaxing.
jungle book safari printed roller blinds installed on windows of children play and study room

4. A perfect fit

If your nursery or child's bedroom gets a lot of sun, a Perfect Fit blind is a really good option. The Perfect Fit frame clips into place at your window and your blind sits snugly within the frame.

To create a dark sleeping environment for afternoon naps, you can choose a Pleated blind or Roller blind in a blackout fabric for your Perfect Fit frame. .


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wirl kiwi roman blinds in childrens bedroom

5. Pop of colour

Tots love bright colours and choosing a bold shade can give you a really striking look. Play with colour by picking up on one of the featured shades in the print in accessories or comfy throws to create a space you won't want to leave.

We’ve gone dotty for the multi-coloured design of this Roman blind in this cosy bedroom. For extra peace of mind, choose a cord and chain-free Roman blind from our luxury range.  


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Alicia Murphy, interiors blogger
In the spring and summer months , I worried about bright mornings waking up my son. Having a blackout lining and a stylish design were my top priorities for the blinds in my son's room.
Alicia Murphy, interiors blogger
A child's bedroom with a blue roman blind featuring stars and moons. A star and moon decoration hangs on the right above the bed.

6. Safe and sound

Keep your child safe and sound by making sure your nursery blinds have appropriate child safety features in place. Choose a cord-free blind, or make sure your corded blind has an appropriate child safety device.

All our blinds either have a cord-free mechanism or come with a safety device in line with the latest European regulations. These safety features are installed by your Hillarys advisor at the time of fitting.  


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