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Cream Roman blinds

So many gorgeous fabrics to choose from. We’ll bring them all for you to browse during your in-home appointment.

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34 options
  • Cream coloured material with dark shades that repeat in a textured style
    Fascination Limestone
    Roman Blind
  • Folded fabric that has a white base colour while the rest of the fabric is patterned with rectangular outlines in brown and beige colours
    Felix Pumice
    Roman Blind
  • Folia Frost Roman Blind and Curtain
    Folia Frost
    Roman Blind
  • Brown coloured fabric with lines of white to create a textured appearance
    Haddie Biscotti
    Roman Blind
  • Haddie Oat
    Roman Blind
  • HIL-ROMAN-CURTAIN-Hatti-Mineral
    Hatti Mineral
    Roman Blind
  • White base colour fabric layered with dark and neutral water colours in a floral design
    Haze Somber
    Roman Blind
  • HIL-ROMAN-CURTAIN-Islita-Champagne
    Islita Champagne
    Roman Blind
  • HIL-ROMAN-CURTAIN-Islita-Pecan
    Islita Pecan
    Roman Blind
  • Beige coloured fabric with dark and white styled flowers
    Iver Clay
    Roman Blind
  • A striped, neutral folded fabric, in the Kendra Linen design
    Kendra Linen
    Roman Blind
  • Lindora Linen Roman Blind and Curtain
    Lindora Linen
    Roman Blind

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