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On windows

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Architect and TV presenter George Clarke knows a thing or two about the quirks of styling period properties. With this in mind, we challenged George to show how to create stunning windows in three distinctively British homes.

  • George Clarke reveals his tips for dressing windows
  • See what George chooses for his own home
  • Use George’s tips to create stunning Windows

George Clarke on Windows
How to make wide windows look amazing

How to make wide windows look amazing

Wide windows are a sought-after feature for many, who love the open views and sunlight pouring into their home. As with everything, there’s a downside.

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George Clarke on Windows

Now you too can have stunning windows in your home, thanks to the tips and advice offered by architect and TV presenter George Clarke.

In this series of videos, you can watch George offer solutions to some common issues faced when dressing windows with blinds, curtains and shutters in British homes. You’ll see George show how to dress windows for privacy, how to dress wide windows and how to dress Crittall windows.

You’ll also pick up tips that can be used to create Amazing Windows in many more situations.

And if you feel inspired by George, then get in touch. You can request an in-home appointment with one of our expert advisors, who will give you practical tips and style advice. Your advisor will also measure up and then return at a later date to fit your choices.