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Introducing the Board Game Carpet

Ciaran McQuire by Ciaran McQuire

Imagine the magic and excitement of family times spent playing board games – supersized to an epic scale. 

The Board Game Carpet, a concept product from Hillarys, would allow for classic and contemporary games to be played using the vast expanse of the floor as a playing area. 

As well as offering a larger ‘board’, the app-controlled technology would allow for new ways to play and increase the scope for gamers in countries around the globe to interact. 

“Playing on a bigger scale promises gamers a chance to feel more involved in the action as it unfolds around them,” says Tanya Irons, from Hillarys. “Meanwhile, the opportunity to engage with players across the world is truly exciting.” 

In terms of design, the Board Game Carpet would feature a base layer comprising a matrix of LED lights. Via the Board Game Carpet app, gamers will be able to choose from a catalogue of titles, with the LEDs illuminating the relevant board and pieces for the game, which shines through the normal top layer of carpet.

Using the app, players will be able to adjust the size of the playing field, so as to avoid any furniture from interfering with the game. Movement during the game will also be controlled by the app.

The initial roll out would include scores of classics, such as snakes and ladders, draughts and chess. It’s hoped third-party developers will see the opportunities offered by the large playing surface and it’s connectivity to a smartphone interface and go on to create custom titles that really push the technology.

Smartphones could become the controller for the gaming action that unfolds on the carpet or be used as a second-screen for a range of more complex titles.

It would even be possible to connect with Board Game Carpet owners around the world for multiplayer sessions.

And the best bit – with LED boards, counters and dice – gamers never need to worry about losing a crucial piece again!