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In The Dog House

More Than Two Thirds Of Britons Are Unknowingly Decorating Their Home To Match Their Dog

  • New research has found that more than two thirds of Britons are unknowingly decorating their homes to match and complement the breed of their dogs
  • Three quarters of dog owners said they will be making their home more dog-friendly to help with separation anxiety their pet may face when working from home is no longer in practice
  • The team at home interiors specialists Hillarys have created some concept images alongside this research that show what certain rooms in a home could look like inspired by different dog breeds – e.g., a dalmatian bedroom, a husky living room and a greyhound gym.

A bedroom decorated in a dalmatian style


The team at www.Hillarys.co.uk conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into Britons’ home lives with pets; more than 2,500 people took part in the survey, all of whom were dog owners and over the age of 18.


Firstly, respondents were asked if they already had a dog before lockdown began back in March last year, with nearly half (46%) admitting to getting their dog during the pandemic. ‘Being at home more’ (36%) and ‘loneliness’ (28) were the most common reasons for getting a dog during lockdown.


Next, those taking part in the study were asked if they think their home interiors have changed since getting a dog, with more than two thirds (67%) admitting that this was the case, without having realised it. When asked why they thought their interiors had changed, the majority answered that they think it was to match the breed and personality of their dogs.


Furthermore, asked what they had changed around the home since owning a dog, furniture (33%), flooring (21%) and colour schemes (18%) were the things that had most-commonly been updated. Prompted further, the majority of respondents (52%) said that they had made interior changes to make it easier to clean, while 46% said they had made changes within their home to make things less likely to be ruined by the dog.


When asked if they will have to go back to work once lockdown ends, 56% said this was to be the case, with 26% saying their working routine hasn’t been affected by lockdown and 22% set to be working from home for the foreseeable.


Following on from this, of those who said they will have to go back to work, three quarters (76%) admitted that they will be making their home more dog-friendly to help with separation anxiety that their pet may face when lockdown is over.


Alongside this research, the team at Hillarys have created some concept images to show what certain rooms in a home could look like if inspired by certain dog breeds – such as a Dalmatian bedroom, a Husky living room and a Greyhound gym.


A living room decorated in the style of a Husky


A home gym decorated in the style of a greyhound


Lucy Askew, spokesperson for www.Hillarys.co.uk, commented:


“A dog is for life, not just for lockdown, so it a shame to hear so many Britons bought themselves a dog without thinking about the repercussions of having to go back to work at some point with the dog being left alone. It is funny that many are suiting their home more to the personality of their dog and its breed though – they do say dogs start to look like their owners so why not make the home look like the dog too!”

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