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Custom colour green shutters in living room

How to dress bay windows

with George Clarke

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by Samantha Gibson

Trend and Styling Expert

Published: 03/10/2017

Bay windows are such a popular feature – they let in so much light and offer expansive views. But these same benefits can be their detriment.

Architect and TV presenter George Clarke loves a bay window and knows the best way to dress them. Read on to find out more.

Identifying the issues
A bay window will open up a home far more than a normal window. There’s more glass on show and the shape projects across three planes. This lets in so much sought-after sunlight and offers excellent views up and down the street – it’s why bay windows are so popular.

But it’s these benefits that are also the downsides of bay windows. Sometimes the sunlight coming in will be too much and sometimes privacy will be an issue because of people being able to look in from all angles.

George Clarke Full height shutters custom colour green

Shutters … George Clarke’s favourite for bay windows
Dressing a bay window can be challenging, but George believes it’s an opportunity that can deliver fantastic results. His personal favourite way to dress a bay window is with shutters.

For a start, choosing made-to-measure shutters means each panel is designed to fit each section of the window. The result is something tailored to your home and very special.

With shutters, you can adjust shutters each of the panels individually to let more or less light come into your home or for privacy reasons. Obviously, you can throw shutters wide open to really take advantage of a bay window’s perks or fully close them too.

And finally, you can have shutters that go perfectly with the rest of your interior by choosing our Custom Colour option. Custom Colour shutters can be matched to more than 2000 premium and high-street paint shades.

Or consider blinds and curtains for bay windows
Of course, shutters aren’t your only option. Roman blinds offer a gorgeous, soft fabric option, which can be set at different heights to create an interesting look.

For a tidy and smart finish, Perfect Fit blinds are a must. These sit flush to the frame of each uPVC window in a bay, so take up next-to-no space, leaving a bay window feeling extra spacey.

Roller blinds in a sheer fabric are a good choice for bay windows, as they close to offer privacy while still allowing a lovely diffuse sunlight to fill a room.

Or you could go for Vertical blinds or curtains. While the finish will be strikingly different, both allow for a curved headrail, creating a swooping effect at a bay window.

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