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Natural rhythms

De-clutter your mind and home with flowing fabrics, rippled textures and soothing prints.

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by Samantha Gibson

Trend and Styling Expert

Published: 04/09/2018

Autumnal notes of mossy green and loganberry are beginning to come through, with blush pink bringing the last warm rays of summer

Clear out the clutter and bring a sense of calm serenity to your interior. Low tech and low-key, this look is quietly understated, allowing space for relaxation and calm reflection.

Browse a palette of soothing blues and blue-grey hues in this sensory design story. Autumnal notes of mossy green and loganberry are beginning to come through, with blush pink bringing the last warm rays of summer



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This calming look is designed to help you create an environment that elevates your mood and soothes your spirit. With a soft colour palette and quiet design aesthetic, this story is all about reclaiming and redefining your space in a way that reflects your own natural rhythms.

Meditative florals

The lotus flower is rich with symbolism, often associated with spiritual awakening and re-birth. So look out for floral prints and accessories that evoke the serene beauty of this revered bloom . In this restful living room, the graphic floral curtains combine with pale wood flooring and cushions in soft watercolour prints for a look that’s cool and contemplative.  

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Round and round

Overlapping circle prints in barely-there neutral shades create a mesmerising display, bringing low-key texture and contrast to this serene space. We’ve chosen sheer voile curtains and a tonal grey palette for this space, allowing lots of lovely natural light to bounce around the room, creating different moods throughout the day.

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Go with the flow

Create a sleep haven with subtle prints that create a sense of movement and flow. These gorgeous Roller blinds combine  flat colour with a glossy sheen to create slithers of shimmering light. For a distraction-free spaceadd texture with slatted wooden furniture and deep quilted throws. The rose pink cashmere blanket and sheepskin cushion bring a warm and cosy feel.

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Sheer drama

For a dramatic take on this look, pick out the deeper hues in the palette, combining navy blue and  and violet for a luxe edge. Add a lightness of touch with a sheer stripe window dressing, like our clever Enlight Roller blinds. These are made up of two layers of fabric, one opaque and one transparent, giving you flexible control over light levels.  


Ripple effect

Like a natural spring, this look should feel effortlessly fluid and fresh, so that even the most practical areas of your home can convey a feeling of serenity and calm. Try a blue Vertical blind to create soft ripples of light at the window – an effect that’s echoed across the walls when the light reflects.

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